My MP3 Player

That was the first project I made with blender, two years ago :

The model has a few very minor issues, like on the curved edge near the USB connector you can pick out the individual faces. How does this model look when you use different subsurf settings?

It’s a really impressive model and well textured, but I feel it deserves a better scene to show it off.

Added some vertices and subsurfing :

Thanks :slight_smile:

Agree, but I don’t know wich type of scene I could use…

Even just putting a wood texture under it would help, like it was on a table. The light coming from the back doesn’t show it off too well, i’d put it to one side, so the specular spot on the plane isn’t right in the middle, also shadows would be nice. and a fill light so the dark isn’t completely dark

I’ve been following your advices :

great jjob on the mp3 player, but there are some faces showing in the front (see pic). That wood texture looks like a tree ring texture, not so much a table texture.


i think a soft, low light from the left would help the thing in the middle, right now it looks like a black spot. The cables should touch the ground in more places, half of them look like they’re floating. you can get good wood texture just searchin stock.xchng, or even google, since you’re not using this for commercial purposes. if you want to stay within blender, i think bands would be better instead of rings.