My multiplayer game, need crew

Hi, I have being working on my LAN game since some weeks ago, I have done a lot of work since then, the framework is finished and I have a litle demo, were you can fligth a spaceship on the client and watch it one the server too. Also planets are sincronzed with the server, clients can just shut down and when they log in again they resume control of the ship etc.

  • Unpack the files on a blender installation
  • Open Cliente.blend and set your server name on the “ClienteCon” script
  • open Server.blend on the server machine (yes, unpacked on a blender installation too)
  • Run server and client and fly the ship with you joystick on the client, server has a camera in the center of the sun were you can watch your self :slight_smile:

So the thing is I now need to keep working on lan optimizations becouse there is a little lag allready, I need to reduce packages size and make cubic spline extrapolation betwen each pulse, etc.

I want somebody to help me do the cool stuff like bot’s AI, asteroid fields, ships extras like guns and turrets and radars…

Models for the game are going to be designed and done by my experienced friends at job so that’s not a problem :slight_smile:

So who wants to help?

See you

Edit BTW here are the two first models, A Viper MKII and a Cylon Raider :slight_smile: I’m working in the ship’s guns :< :<