my music

I am Endi, a Blender artist (my gallery at:

But I am a not-professional musician too. You can download my music at: (updated link 2006.01.09)
(pop/rock-like music)

Comments welcome.

Great, I’m not alone in this category here! :smiley:

All songs are very nice and relaxing to listen too, my favourite is the first song, then number 2.
I like the acustic, variations (something I have problem doing, right now :wink: ) touch in all of them. I’m now interested to know how you did them. What equipment do you have? What software did you use, Cubase maybe? Maybe, some are live recordings :o :wink: ?

If I may suggest, plz, make a english version of the web page, perhaps add some information about the songs, yes!?

Thanks. :slight_smile:
I use FastTracker and Modplug tracker.
I’ll make an english version… maybe.

new home for my music and new album coming soon!

endi i like your stuff,
hook up with this guy and you guys will get all the chicks!

by the way i would edit your first post with the new link, it was frustrating trying to get that link to work untill i saw the real one at the bottom of the page.

keep it up!
numba one!

Have either of you used Audacity?
It’s a really powerful audio editor, free, of course.
If you google Audacity audio, it will come up.
That’s what I always use.

Good job, by the way.

Audacity is an editor.
It lacks proper composing abilities, and is not supposed to.
There are open source or free composing tools but are usually difficult to use or lack flexibility.
I found CM studio to be quite effective for a “free” app.
You can get it with a Computer Music magazine for the price of the mag.
And it supports vst.
Though I prefer FL Studio 5. It’s derived from the good old Fruity Loops which was usefull for simple loops, but wow look at FL studio now.
It seems to do what I want without giving me a ton of other options like in very expensive apps.

I think Audacity is really close to being awesome. All it needs for me to bag my Current Protracks software is that it needs VST/VSTi/Dx/VST wrapper and fix the latency problem and enable input monitoring.

The MIDI is experimental right now, but they should lock it in because external hardware seem to plug easily into it so far.

I have Magix MusicMaker(Took 2 months to arrive from Germany). I used to use it, but it can never sync audio correctly, and when multitracking, it became a pain. So I once and awhile use it for video compositing and vocal effects. Behringer preamps are shipping now with Audacity and Kristal Audio Engine. The Kristal seems cool, but not very functional yet. The K2 is supposed to have VST/VSTi. That would be cool because the latencey is not as bad as Audacity.

I think Audacity should stay put.
Don’t get me wrong, of course it should stay up to date.
But it is what is, a simple audio editor.
And NOT a midi composer.
I’d love to see it enable VST plugins too.
Then I won’t feel that urge to go buy me Sound Forge.

If you were looking for smt like Music Maker (that’s really crap) you’d better look for Acid.
It used to be cheap, but it has so many functions now that they want more money of course.

Behringer preamps: you mean those new interfaces Behringer introduced to get analog audio on the pc?
Do you have any experience with that?
I’m looking for an affordable interface to get both guitar, elec. piano and mics on my PC.
I was looking for the new Line6 interfaces but I don’t know if they can do all that.

Get the best mic preamp you can afford. I don’t know about you but to my ears electric guitars and electric pianos need to push some air to sound good. I would go with a good mic preamp and a good choice of mics. Let’s not forget the added sparkle and natural compression of tube amps which can never be simulated 100%. recipe for aural coolness : wiggling air molecules, good mic placement, mix well…

Dunno about best price but Edirol interfaces are a standard.

The FA…(firewire) and UA…(USB) are both good setups.

I have sold UA interfaces to customers in the laptop business who needed portable recording studios and have received very good feedback on the units. Very reliable it seems.


#1 post edited :slight_smile:

I worked for a year at a friend’s studio as the in-house bass and guitar player/co-sound engineer at Transplant Studios in Hillsboro, Or. he had many cool preamps I got to learn and play with: Behringer, Delta 10/10, Personas. Behringer makes an I/O, but I only used a preamp into another I/O called Delta 10 10,mixer as a Mackie 16 chnl then the Delta was used with a PC running WavLab.
I demo’d a Line 6 but don’t remember if it has I/O. I think it does. I had a $600 budget and was actually going to go for a line6 but the GNX4 caught me by surprize. You can go XLR/MIDI/USB/Line/Speaker/Preamp/ Send out many combinations of mixes: Dry, Wet, have a Warper where you can mix two different amps, cabinets, combo or single, tube or solid, control most everything hands free, 8 track recorder, Flashcard, mp3 recorder player, and more. I was like Whoa…Line what? I could sound like Stevey Ray Vaughn by just going direct(His sound at least…lol)!
I know that this is probably too much info, but Behringer is sweet. So is Delta.
The stuff in Transplant at the time was getting increasingly better too; A custom PorkPie drumkit I got to use, Mesa Boogie amps, Ampeg and all ran into the Delta 10 10…and sounded sweet.[edit]Oh yeah…edit…Delta has less I/O’s also, if 10 in and out is to many. Concerning ASIO stuff, that is where the software comes into play. Protools can do it all, but…at the Protools price. Protools is over-rated as software, but it’s the HD Hardware that makes the Prootools setup “Prootools”[. That, depending on what you need, could be thousands of dollars. No, back to ASIO; Audacity? It would be cool if you could use ASIO huh? Kristal Audio Engine I think in thier K2 will have ASIO. like I said earlier, Audacity seems to accept hardware easy, but latency is a problem. That means “Live” recording and mixing is AU-tistic…lol. If you have Cakewalk/Sonar/WavLab/Prootools and a decient I/O, you can put the cuffs on Latencey.
Concerning VST/VSTi; I moved down south to take care of my dad(who reciently passed away), and a live drumkit was out of the question…lol. So Protracks and GNX4 anables me to draw out my samples and dynamics for as realistic of drums as possible. I usualy play the knees and feet untill I have an idea. So, VSTi is a make or breaker for solo artist who play the big 3. ACID? well…if I was gonna slap together hip-hop for the kids in the neighborhood, sure. But I love live guitar to much to use ACID’s Slap-a-track-ness. You are right though, Audacity don’t need MIDI, but it does need better Latency control and ASIO if you are even thinking about recording more than one person at a time…Or why eles have MULTITRACKING software if it can’t MULTITRACK? because right now, to me, it is seeming like the “Jahshaka” of recording software(4 years and still can’t make it do the basics I need it to do…The basics, brotha, the basics). First, they need to fix the Latencey…A must, or it’s just a good tool to “almost mimic ACID”. Just my 2 cents.

I use Cakewalk Plasma (it’s the Cakewalk that’s 40$) and Noteworthy Composer(it’s 10$).

For Mod files, I’d use Skale, if I could use it.

I remember years ago when I first heard of Cakwalk. When I first saw it, it reminded me of Finale. A friend of mine I’ve worked with is the Guitar player/engineer/song writter for NuBorn Tribe and he uses Sonar and gets great production from it. Yeah, Calkwalk apps are not too bad at all. If your software can do the basics, then it is a matter of “What not to put in your mix”. beware technical mud, make use of proper EQ layering(Make sure the freq from one sound or instrument is unique in place, and panning from other sounds), keep pre as close to 0db as possible(You should be able to hear everything clearly in phased unsweetened monitors at low volumes), DO NOT daisy-chain plugins for each channel(This makes unpredictable noise and artifacts. I’ve seen people add plugins to remove crackle from other plugins! That’s crazy. If nessesary, save presets and note EQ and effect settings and make sure they are not canceling eachother out).

Since when do we use the words “preamp” and “AD/DA IO breakout box” interchangeably? Some products do offer integrated solutions (specially at the low end). But a Delta 1010 is not the same beast as an Octane…

Since when do we use the words “preamp” and “AD/DA IO breakout box” interchangeably? Some products do offer integrated solutions (specially at the low end). But a Delta 1010 is not the same beast as an Octane…[/quote]

lol…Whatever. Bussman, you can interchange whatever words you want, I don’t care. :slight_smile:

I think having preamps are pretty cool…lol. I also think having a good “AD/DA” is cool too. :slight_smile: I am sorry if my rambling lead you to interpret me as calling an I/O a preamp or visa versa…lol. Delta 10 10 is a good I/O. I don’t know what eles to tell ya. If the guy who was looking for a good I/O and was looking at a Line6 amp hoping it had a “way in” to his computer, that’s what I suggest: Delta, or a Preamp with analog to digital.

Oh yeah, as far as “Moving cone”, tubes are the best for guitars. But how are you going to record it into your computer clean? …Uh…I/O(My stupid terminology for Audio signal to your soundcard).

Note: Sound it’s self is analog…uh, unless you have Digital ears…Then, you can tell me what this sounds like: 1010010110 …lol

[edit]oooh, I almost let a fang out. hahahaha[/edit]

Duky: I think you need to add some spaces between sentences in that post.
really hard to read.
Somewhere in between I could read your father passed away, so my condolences.

It’s true I’m looking for I/O that has a built-in preamp, because I want to be able to combine settings.
Connect my guitar directly to the port and compare it with how I’d do it with a mic in front of my tubes amp.
I could use Audacity, bu I could also use FL studio’s built in Mono recorder.
I’d have to check the latency on both.

I read you can also buy soundcards getting close to “zero” latency.
Don’t know whether that’s true, if they are any good and if I still have to buy a preamp for my guitar and mics.

Firstly. Endi, sorry for hijacking your thread like this. I finally listened to your tracks in my home studio last night, I did not want to comment just having heard them through computer speakers. Cool stuff. Some of the sounds are a litlle cheesy and betray the music’s “tracker” pedigree. I would suggest varying the rhythmic pulse as well as the dynamic range a bit more… Anyway, it’s fun to hear music written and produced by fellow blender heads, keep it up!

Latency is not just a factor of your soundcard. Specially when multitracking where the whole throughput of your system will have an influence. If latency is an issue your best bet still lies with a PCI based IO card like the m-audio Deltas and the like. Separate preamp for bringing instruments to recording level.

A good versatile preamp will stay with you forever. No matter what flavour of IO card will be popular next year, no matter what studio you walk into, you’ll be well equiped to feed them a good clean recording level…

If you are only tracking yourself on multiple instruments or aren’t concerned about recording several inputs at once, I would suggest you search for a used Audiophile and plunk down the bulk of your dough on a good preamp and mic combo. The preamp will be useful for recording your guitar direct as well, fun for reamping and things like that.

Hope you’ll let us hear some funky stuff in the near future!

Audacity is terrible. I sue multitrackstudio, guitar tracks, and abletonlive (the best by far).
YOu can get a good copy of multitrackstudio a . for some of my music you can go to.