My Music

This is a link to my music…If you have recorded songs then link them…rock on Blenders!

If you have recorded songs this is a good web site to let us hear them!

I have made some songs but I use soundcloud mainly. Though I may have a few songs on bandcamp because I co-composed some of the music for the Tier 3 Portal mod (which…of course, never came to pass. But don’t be too sure it’s dead).

sorry about that never coming to pass JF…most of things I learn how to do become outmoded before I buy my next computer!

Well it was an off project i signed onto. Of course, it’s been rumored to restart. In which case I will be back on it doing music.

baal you got some really nice music there. Nude World Odour , the vocals is you ?

My music is in my signature and I also got some on youtube

Likewise, my music is in my signature as well (duh…i say it right there).