My Name Is Optimus Prime

Hey Guys, I’m gonna post my works for my transformers project models, i only have like 3 modelers so far and we got a lot to bots to make , here is prime, I’m working on his textures , gonna make a poll for flame textures or not. Enjoy!


More defenseless than the movies… and the movies are knows for having way to many lens flares lol

ha yeah i know, ill post some pics with out the lens flare

looks great so far. as was said before, maybe a little much on the glare node.

[ATTACH=CONFIG]332150[/ATTACH]Here is prime no lens flare

Transform WIP

no way. that is ridiculously cool. I’m thinking that took some time. fantastic job animating that.

Yeah , i mean it still has some kinks but hey , I’m working my hardest:) We have grimlock , The Wreckers, Mudflap, Bumblebee, Cliffjumper, Jazz, And Arcee in the works, ill post some pics in a second

This is the doctor character from ROTF , Modeled it in about 7 hours. Rendered in like 40 seconds. Gonna composite all my models into live action footage

okay, a lot o of people in my family said yes flames so i went a head and start mapping [ATTACH=CONFIG]334027[/ATTACH]

finally finished prime, to my standards , feedback is welcome!