my name is... shaphill

hi everybody! well. this is my new character. i call him shaphill! he is a killer!\about the scne. in my brain is some picture, and it looks like some man is standing behind the wall, ok, behind the door. the door is full of holes, made by bullets. he is reloading his desert eagle. smoking, yeah, he is dreasid in smoking and reloads desert eagle. all around is dark, only one lamp and light from holes, that’s all…
and i started it all with the shaphill. here the first renders:
i suppose that i will use zbrush for normal map or only bump map, but i will use it. the job will be hard, but it will be a good school for me. welcome!

Will one of the mods move this to WIP?

Edit: wait, I thought I clicked on “Off Topic,” Sorry. Disregard this post.

thanks to you comment :smiley:
i will use this information :smiley:

Keep working the eyes, I think the mouth & jaw line are’nt to bad.Cool

one question- isn’t eyes too high?

Well I tried to draw some of the thing you could change.


ok, i’ll try to change those places! thanks for advice

I made some corrections: