My name is Steve and ...

… I’m a blendaholic.

I just wanted to say “Hi”, after having emerged from the lurkers and registering with BlenderArtists today (and subscribing to the RSS).

I’m a noob, still at the stage of playing around with other’s models, visiting and revisiting manuals and tutorials, making 10 sec animation ‘tests’, learning a bunch and then forgetting half of it. Oh, and shiny things :slight_smile: e.g.:

I am just in awe of blender :slight_smile:

welcome to the forums then ;]

welcome to BA shalpin! :wink:

Welcome to BA! Blender is good.

Hi Steve! Just wanna let you know that you have us now and you are not alone with your problem anymore : )

Hey, but that’s not a bad render. A little disturbing perhaps, and odd choice of colours, but nonetheless! You seem to be progressing well. (You should have seen my first projects, consisting of mainly the default cube, rotated)