My neighbour has just installed high speed internet

Here are two of my last images, for any other you are welcome to visit my webpage! :slight_smile:

My neighbour has just installed high speed internet:
Full size image:

Full size image:

Ha Ha Ha. The title of this one is very funny.
Some lighting intensity issues with the Lady, Mans head and back wall.
Fantastic wires and concept.

The landscape scene is good but the rocks look out of place. It created a divide that looks fake. Also the grass would be closer to the water and the surrounds rocky?

Still both very good work.


Nice work! the top image might be better with toon shading but I like the idea and composition. I also like the landscape, although it could use a little more detail. keep it up.

dude, thats a really nice landscape… why don’t you work more on it??
perhaps add more detail and a background?? you could use for some further work too…


i loved the internet picture, very nice cartoony feel,
reminded me of…me,
when i got my line upgraded…
i wonder if my neighbour has one of those because of me…:confused:


really good concept here. really funny too. good job!

The 1st one is funny, my one issue is where did the womans hands go?

Toon shader would really look nice on the first one.

Thanks, guys for all your great advices and comments! :slight_smile: I will try a toon shader work, too!

I clicked onto the thread expecting you to be hosting stuff on your neighbors unsecured wireless network, then laughed the hardest I have in a long time, nice work.

I like the first one, it is a good idea for an scene and the modelling is not bad at all.