My new 2D animation made with Blender and Synfigstudio

Hi folks! Finished, another animation “Co-creating for a better world” for the campaign.
After a 8 days of hard, very hard work. Me and my brother, finished this animation using Synfig, Blender and Kdenlive.

have posted at my site, some screen shots of the making of process.

The animation can be seen at dailymotion, Vimeo and youtube.
Here is the youtube link:

I hope you enjoy it!

I think its great but IMHO the voice needs work.

You’re write! We had some problems with the audio recording and did not had time do fix it again before send it. The final one will be recorded again. Thanks! Nice obervation.

Great and fabulous Creativity.I have check your work on you tube.Your work is mind blowing.Keep posting it.

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