My new animation - Handy and Candy

check it out at

Looking for a producer

hehe, pretty cool man im sure that took some time to make.

Very nice

awesome. Is this a tv series? Direct to video?

@velve- It took around a month ( all together) to make.
@Nathenael - I ll be glad if it gets pick up by a producer for TV. I have applied to a few.

Can anyone tell me a route? where do I go to from here? what to do next ? How to make money from it ?

Who was the distributor of BBB and Elephant dreams ?

Can anyone help me with the marketing part of it ?

I can’t help you, but to answer one of your questions, BBB is printed and marketed only by the blender foundation. (You could print your own disk and sell your DVD through your website via google ads.) I don’t know how plausible or profitable that is though.

The animation moves are really good. Yeah, there are a couple of places where the movements lag, and I kinda expected Candy to look toward that light-switch instead of looking straight-ahead in one shot, but … nevermind … I was definitely entertained by the notion of this little creature that was very creative in his determination not to even move from the bed! The animation, lighting, staging and so-forth work out really well, and I’d like to see more episodes.

Thankyou. :slight_smile:

His reaction to first seeing the weights was priceless. XD


I am looking for a producer for developing the whole series.

Try posting about it on CGSociety and 3DWorldMagazine.

Waw it’s really good