My new animation…Mz6Wo6sO3_UL1a

It’s a solid animation. It reminds me of the CGI scenes on Final Fantasy 7,8,and 9. But why is it so slow?

Because I slowed it down, I thought this will allow to better see details, in real speed its 12 second animation. You also can speed it up in YouTube channel by clicking speed button.

Or you advise me to download it in real speed to YouTube?

Then slow down the camera animation and make it longer. Also, make it at 24 frames.

it is 24 frames and unfortunately its too late to slow down camera motion since render time took me 38 hours with even good comp (16GB RAM) and with even very poor render settings

You may have to upgrade if you are doing complex scenes like this. Did you create it as a video or using still images?

still images

if its possible to upgrade camera motion without long render, tell me how to do it please. I didnt know that

When I mean by upgrades, I’m talking about adding more RAM.

this is laptop, i think 16 GB its maximum for him

Ah, then you would have been better off rendering on an actual PC. It has more power.

very nice movie !

Thank you very much news2watch.