My new Archviz

Crtics please :slight_smile:
Blender + Cycles + Gimp

white surfaces look too flat. too much shine on the car. and the redundant hedges look fake.

The color of the sky is too cyan.

thx man this realy help me but what can i do for white surfaces ?
and the hedges i will change it :wink:
please more critics :yes:

i will correct the sky color because it’s image

Maybe some displacement in the material output of the white walls could make them more vivid and realistic?

take a look at your materials.
i think its a plaster/brick combination. To make the facade “buildable in real life” the plaster will have a outwards offset. should be a small shadow.
the other point of the materials is the lack of bump maps. now it is a flat plane without own shadows.
and the last part… all parts are 90 degree and fits perfectly. to add realism move the balconies a little bit outwards so it cast shadows.

good luck!

try putting a stucco texture as the factor on a mix module and white gloss as the alternate then darken the diffuse on the primary color.

also it appears that you have not used fresnel on any of your surfaces. a little goes a long way for realism.

1.To fix white walls, add some grunge/dirt texture overlays. You can download from or get a free trial at Poliigon and download what you need for free.

  1. Bevel ALL of your edges

  2. Textures need bump and/or displacement. Everything looks extremely flat

  3. Consider post-processing in Photoshop or Lightroom to adjust contrast, saturation, etc.

  4. Remove yellow haze at edges of image…this is destracting

  5. Set a focal point on the building and decrease F-stop amount to so that other foreground and background is out of focus

Besides other comments, I would add some points:

1: Maybe an artefact to be corrected.
2: The projection of the texture needs rework.
3: I am not sure that a simple wall of brick can hold a balcony. (But I am not an architect)
4: Maybe adjust junction of textures.

And have a good day!

  • duddits
    3 a balcony can never be made out of bricks.
    the only way to do it is to make a concrete base (200mm) and glue cutted bricks to this concrete slab (50 mm)