my new avatar (satire thread LOL)

----------------> <---------------

so how do you guys like my new avatar, i reckon its the shit- test avatar ever.

:smiley: :D.

then again it might be so shit that this thread should be deleted, and my reputation spared from me looking like an immature idiot.



um…er…you spelled shitiest wrong

I think it’s spelled ‘Shittiest’, not ‘Shitiest’.

this topic is the shit!

sorry, I had too… :stuck_out_tongue:

Obviously not one of you has looked at the picture very well… there’s written the ‘shit-test’… :-?

is it shitest?

no i didn’t want to spell shitiest, because that is pronouced Shit-e-est which is wrong. i just want it to be pronounced Shit-est.

Alltaken :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I think pronouncing it Shit-Test is very interesting and humerous. Id say use that avatar.

Ugh. More noobs fishing for compliments.

Leave now before the admin bans you! Leave! Leave! (An allusion to )

Who are you calling a noob? Last time I checked, illeagal_op and I are the only (relative) noobs to post here…


First off, you misused word tenses on that word.
Second it’s spelled ****

oh wow. :o Every thread is a new surprise

well i have obviously invented a new word.



alltaken I think they are taking it a bit too serious. :smiley:

I am not sure if Alltaken takes anything serious… :slight_smile:

well actually i am very serious person.

but on the other hand, i like to live life the best that i possibly can, so on the outside i am silly, on the inside i am very serious, and overall i am happy.

people who are too serious are very boring and pretty uninteresting.

people who are too silly, are not based in reality, and cannot funciton in real life.

people who are serious when needed and silly when they can judge that they can be, are the ones who will be most successfull.

sofar i have achieved everything i have set out to do, and have always had 5 year plans for my lie. is this serious? i think so.

don’t drink (ok i have a few times LOL), don’t smoke, never touched drugs, don’t sleep around… is this serious? yep pretty serious.

but on the other hand if its safe, and fun, then heck i’ll be there.

serious here? no way, elysiun doesn’t need more serious. it needs less annoying people, and more funny people.

Alltaken :smiley: :smiley:

I was just talking about your behaviour on elYsiun, and maybe I just meant your behaviour on ‘special’ topics (which I enjoy mostly)

I have no doubt you do take your life serious, otherwise you wouldn’t have achieved so much as an artist (and I assume in other areas as well). I can tell artists from players.

So I had hoped the smiley after my previous post showed that I didn’t mean to ban fun from elYsiun. :smiley: <- see? another one.

Ah, I just saw @ner said “they” instead of “you” so my answer is quite stupid. Oh well…

ha ha ha

i am not feeling challenged, nor threatened, nor did i take you coments as an insult or anything.

mearly started talking :stuck_out_tongue:

just hoping other people read my words and think about things, if of course they understand the implications of things i say :stuck_out_tongue:


lol, and I thought that this was a shit test, to see how much shit you could stir up… Obviously it went way over my head head

your “head head”. thats interesting :stuck_out_tongue:

is that like a pimple gone awol or somthing :stuck_out_tongue:

me stiring up shit? no not really. i just like to enjoy life and as good Kiwi’s do “take the piss”