My New Avatar

Here is my new avatar let me know what you think.

i have enlarged it so you can see it.

Hmmm…It looks…mascular? (Mask-muscular) It does look kinda scared, but if that’s what you were aiming for…ok. Definitely not photorealistic, but you probably weren’t aiming for that either. The textures are mapped on well, and It looks pretty detailed. All in all, it looks rather good, except for the eyes, which don’t fit with the rest of the mask.
I hope this review was balanced.

very nice, but if u want it to look angry rather than scared, make the eyes tighter

I think it’s an excelent render

the vertical line somewhat bothers me :-?

except for that detail: niiicceee… :wink:

[edit] oh! i’ve just seen your render! (it didnt load in the first time)
those lines are pretty damn great :smiley: but they do look a bit disturbing in your avatar to me… know i mean?

great! original idea, havent seen much totem-art for a long time!

Wow, very good!

reminds me of a Thunderbird I once startedmodelling… and may pick up again some time…later…
very nice. looks kinda angry.
Homer: “I am Tiki-Toki your new God!”
Ned: “actually Homer, you and I worship the same god.”
Homer: “Silence!”
…it went something like that.

Awsome, I must say i truely love the background. It just makes the picture even better. :smiley:


weird mesh, i never saw this kind of picture, but its a good one

Cool, :smiley: nice mask, very nice, I liek the ribbels on the mask. :stuck_out_tongue:

i can’t believe i looked at this and didn’t post the first time… man this is awsome and i already told you my crits and comments, really nice job

hey, great image…the background is too pixelised try bluring it, but the rest is good…no crits on the model.