My new Avatar!

Yeah, this is my new avatar. It has a little background story to it aswell :smiley:

me nad my friend were out skateboarding and then it started raining like hell.
Later we found a roof to stay under so we stayed there!! (getting exciting now…)
The ground was terrible and we couldnt really skate on it so we started doing fake photos of some sick tricks and had a good time, UNTIL!
Until, a guy ran over my mates skateboard and it cracked :frowning: And then he broke it on film :smiley:
We had really many wacky photos when i checked the camera at home afterwards i had one of me with the really idiotic face, i tend to always unintentionally screw up on photos.
While i was sending over the photos to my mate i did a little fun avatar out of it in photoshop.

I had great fun making this, it was some time ago i did “normal” photoshopping and not painting.

hi tom!


thanks! am i missing something with “hi tom”= i dont get it :smiley: if you are referring to the little text there my name is Tomas… (like thomas but i guess my parents didnt like the ‘H’ :D)

If your parents don’t like the letter H then you can still use Tom :D. I personally prefer Tom to Thomas, although i get called both. (Yup we have very similar names)

On the subject of your Avatar image, it’s pretty cool, very well done on the paint splatter.