my new blender box!!!!

(scrappy) #1

i got my new pc up and running after a few months of buying parts. its soooo sweet. here are the specs.
Soyo K7V-dragon plus motherboard
AMD Athon XP 2100+
512megs of DDR pc2100
GeForce 4 4600ti
6channel optical out sound
48x12x48 CDRW
5 case fans
Thermaltake Volcano 9 heatsink, with the Smart Fan II
6 usb ports

Runs Blender like a dream!!!

(Ecks) #2

COOL! :smiley:

I will buy a new computer around xmas. it will be a
P4 2400mghz
512mg of ram
Geforce 4 4400ti
52x cd drive
etc and some other thing!

Good luck with your new toy!:slight_smile:

(rogerm3d) #3

Thats one sweet little box youve got there.
In my opinion is one of the nicest motherboards right now.
Partly because of built in sound card that is really sweet.
Looks like I need to do some upgradding to my computer. :frowning:
But looks like I need money :wink:

(Dittohead) #4

i’ve had 5 soyo boards in the past all of which were bad boards, nothing but crap. i have msi.

the rest is great tho. athlons are good for 3d work from what i have heard.

is the case any good? all that stuff in there you’ll also want a good power supply, atleast a 400.

i hope everything works out no probs. i get em whenever i upgrade any my machines.

(scrappy) #5

so far my motherboard has been great, the onboard sound is amazing with the optical out into my phillips home theater system, great gaming, as far as i know, they had great reviews. as for the case, i have an all aluminum RAIDMAX Mid case with the “X” side window and a blue cool cathode neon light. it also has a 400w powersupply. guess i forgot to add that stuff.

(rndrdbrian) #6

Sounds like a nice system.

But 5 case fans?!?

/me goes out and buys scrappy a pair of ear defenders!

I must say that Thermaltake do make some pretty nice fans! I recently bought myself a Thermal take Smart Fan 2 80mm case fan to replace my cheap & nasty case fan. At full speed it sounds like a tornado!

So, are we going to see any pictures?



(jonnierod) #7

You guys suck! I chillin on an AMD 1G (or that’s what I clocked it to anyway, forgot what it’s supposed to be).

I want a new PC one of these, but I’m thinking of jumping ship over to Red Hat or something like that when I do.

(scrappy) #8

hey, thanx for the replys/comments, ill try to get some pictures of it, the case looks so awesome