My new Canon EOS(and the pictures it can take)

well folks. $867 of spending has gotten me this:

Canon EOS 350D (Digital Rebel XT)
Canon 28-90mm f/4-5.6 Lense.

and this picture as a first:

i’ve always been into photography as you might be able to tell in the rest of my gallery.

so yeah, tell me what you think and i will provide links to new pictures as i get them online.

oh…and does anyone know any good tutorials on taking better pictures artisticly ?

I’m lookin’ and I’m likin’. Anything else you have to show? :wink: (You should, for a price tag like that!)

$867 and it doesn’t do colour? What a ripoff… :smiley:

No, really nice picture. Looking forward to seeing some more from this - I have a friend with the same camera and I can assure it takes some NICE photos.


You’ve got some pretty nice pictures in there. Good job.

I’m not sure i completely understand what you mean, but this website has some good information and has helped me a lot in the past. A lot of it is for film (which is what I use), but you might still find some of it useful.

This website also has some good information.

I hope that helps.

yeah, that helps abit.

thanks !

I have the exact same camera :smiley: It cost me 1.5k though.

Nice pics. Have you tried macro yet? By turning the lens around? I have pics taken like that in my deviantart gallery.

Its fun.

composition technique is the be all and end all, i reckon that the #1 key to good photos.

edit upon looking at all your shots, it doesnt seem like you are getting the very best focus you could be? maybe a little unsharp mask is in order?

hafuni: how did you get the lense to fit backwards ?

traitor: yeah, i’ve been learning. you should check out my gallery now

I just hold it there :smiley:

You could get an adapter but those are hard to find. ( or a real macro )

will do ;]

thanks for the tip(oh and i checked out your gallery, awesome stuff)

:slight_smile: thanks!

Although i used a efs18-55mm lens. the wider the angle, the closer the reversal will get. ( and the less light there will be. oh, and the DOF happens to be killer sharp depending on the viewing angle )

yeah, i played with it last night. but i couldn’t get it sharp enough…i think i just need some more light in my room to see the sharpness better in the viewfinder.

I could take same pics with my webcam


you do that

then do macro.

then do macro.[/quote]

yeah, take the lense off and reverse it…

oh wait…

you can’t !

sucks to be you :]

I have the 300d.

No offense to cannon or anyone else but the kit lens (18-55mm) stinks to high heaven.

Nice photos, I think the focus could be tweaked a bit, what kind of lens are you using? If it’s the kit lens, you need a good high f-stop to get a really decent sharp picture, and even then the lens isn’t great. Closeups you can do real nice with the lens. Have you noticed that you turn the focus all the way to it’s end and it’s about 5 degrees past infiniti…So be careful shooting at infiniti.

I have a 4.5" f/1.4 lens (old projector use) I use that for closeup stuff sometimes. It cost I think 15$ from surplus shed, little edge curving, but amazing results. I reccomend getting some old cheap lens, metal, and rig a setup for semi-still life stuff. That way you can use amazing quality lens (old stuff like 40 or 50 years old) and get tack sharp, at a low f stop, around f/1.8, and without much cost to you. It won’t be super portable, but you can get some really neat results with old lens that aren’t worth to much today. If you can get a hold of military spec glass you are in for a treat. Almost all old military stuff was made to high spec, and today isn’t worth to much because bigger and better stuff is around.

Anyways good luck with it and your pictures are very nice.