my new character

hi, this is my new character, I hope that they like :eyebrowlift:


I like it very much so far.

How about turning on some IOR on the glasses, upping the mir refl, clearing out the glass a bit and upping the spec/hardness. And for smooth hair u can turn down the step to 1.

Did u use SSS for the skin?

Keep it up!


Thanks for your comments! the glasses are not ready yet and,as you can see, the eyebrows are missing…the rest of the body needs to be textured!

update on glasses

hmmm, looks like my old headmaster, but in a reverands sute… im not joking you have done a perfect cartoon of him!! lol!

There’s some awesome job!

thanks for coments…:slight_smile:

good job! the only crit i got is the hair. maybe its too thick?