My new Christmas ink...

Completely off topic, but my family had our “get a tattoo for Christmas” day today. It is a yearly event where we all visit our tattoo artist Rachel Ann of Liberty tattoo in Atlanta (shameless plug there).

Anyway, my son just got old school filler. I am starting on my sleeve.

All I want for Christmas is tattoos for me…tattoos for me…tattoos for me.:cool:

Good Tattoos I love them but the only thing I don’t like is they can never be removed if made one time.

But yes the beauty in tattoos is something very nice and good and yes they attract me a lot. :slight_smile:

Im not a person for tattoos. I thought you were talking of pen ink until i remembered ink meant tattoo as well.

Amen to that. I have always loved tattoos, but for that exact reason I did not get my first one until I was 45. Then in the last 11 years I have worked my way up to about 15 different tattos. Each designed by myself, and each with a lot of personal meaning. I have what I call the “tattoo rules”

1: Each tattoo should be easily concealed if you ever want to work in the “corporate” world.
2: Every tattoo should be personal. Being drunk and selecting a design off the wall is not “personal”.
3: Tattoos fade and bleed over time, eventually turning into big black blobs on your skin. Be prepared…
4: Never get a tattoo where you might get major surgery. Doctors don’t care if they sew you back together with the tattoo intact.
5: Never get the name of anyone but your kids put on your skin. Significant others, for what ever reason, come and go. Kids don’t.

And the final rule: Never get a tattoo unless YOU want it. Getting one because someone else likes them is a recipe for disaster.