My New Computer :)

This is the new computer that I am putting together. I have already ordered the case and the logitech keyboard and mouse set. Tell me what you guys think about it. In my opinion it is a great computer for a low low price.

Is there a reason why you’re not going to an i7 CPU? I see some barebones kits on TigerDirect that are about the same price range but have the i7. (not criticizing, just asking. Quite possibly you know something I don’t)
Like this one:

if you are truly after max performance i would get the best cooling systems i could, it allows for a much faster computer on the same hardware. google over clocking sites for reviews on the best colling systems and how to instal them.

Don’t forget that the Tiger Direct kit doesn’t have a video card while the Newegg one does. So, they aren’t really the same price.

I’m upgrading to i7 way later. But this isn’t JUST gaming rig. It’s mainly just for graphics and 3D but it’s also going to be able to game.

I’ve put a lot of thought into it and the tiger direct kit did not appeal to me at all.

@PhilBo - yeah, I noticed that, figured it was worth using as an example anyhow.

@Kain - fair enough.

I’m curious because I’m starting to look at replacing the family PC (6-yo P4 Win XP) this year and probably my machine (6-7 yo dual Xeon Fedora 9) next year. The family box is pretty much only used for web surfing, some light office type stuff, and light gaming, by my wife and son. I’ll probably spend about $500 on that one. My box needs to be more powerful for my graphics work, so I’ll save my pennies and look in the $900 range like you. I’ll build my box myself, but I still haven’t decided on whether to build or buy the family box.

Well I think I decided to go with an i7 processor now. so I’m working on my build right now. I would really appreciate it if someone else would get on newegg for me and make a gaming/graphics development computer for me so I can compare.

kain just do an alienware search. they do have good set ups, but vastly over priced. even since dell bought them out they still have good hardware combos. get every upgrade and it’ll tell you what they consider to be the ultimate. by the way it starts out at $3700 for the base model before upgrades, if you know what you are doing you can buld the maxed out version for far less. if that is out of your range go to , then products. get the hardware configuration you want then newegg and tiger direct the same hardware. new egg should be cheaper because if i remeber correctly new egg is like ebay for pc parts and you’ll have to put it together yourself while the tiger direct will come pre assembled. another site you might want to try for preassembled is . but know what you are buying at i buy power, they will sell you incompatible hardware and ship you a pc without an os. get the build specs else where then have them build it for you. they are like linux, know what you are asking for because thats exactly what you are going to get even if it’s a mistake.

I will be building a rig soon , I notice you chose a radeon card.

Do ATI drivers still have problems with 3D …not worried about games (In searching on google, it seems they are driver limited in performance–is this no longer an issue?)

Is nvidia still better on linux?


Since 9.2 (February 2009) ATI has fully supported OpenGL 3.0 Specs which on my HD4850 have eliminated all OpenGL issues with Blender. It works perfectly now.

I was looking at this motherboard butI don’t think I’m going to get that one. I just thought it was a decent one if anyone was looking for one. And yes… all open gl issues have been fixed but right now i’m still stuck with a intel chipset. sadface

thanks Philbo,
I guess I need to take a second look at ATI cards then.
Are you on windows or linux?

Uau-u-u! I so want the new computer, with the new monitor and new accessories!.. Here only as to itself it to allow in a lack of money?.. (Sorry for my English)

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I am on windows vista. I hate it. I think I want Windows 7 but I really don’t think any more stuff would work on it than vista.

kain the official windows builds are done on windows 7 beta. the blender developer is of the openion windows 7 is as superior to vista and xp was to windows 98. he hates vista but loves 7. you can get the windows 7 beta and test drive it, if you dont like it just uninstall it and roll back to vista.

If I install Windows Vista will all of my stuff be messed up or would my computer be just fine?

kain i belive you mean if you install windows 7 because you said you are on windows vista already so i’m answering that. windows 7 can be uninstalled easily from vista or xp, if you have any os other than vista ms recomends you do a full back up before installing 7 so you can restore your pc to what it was like before you installed it because there is a good chance uninstalling is going to break something and you are gonna need the backups.

and for instruction on uninstalling windows 7. do a fresh install not an uograde. if you choose upgrade you are gonna need the backups for the harder manual way. for the download.

of you prefer xp windows 7 would still be the way to go over vista because it runs xp in virtual machine mode.

Ok well I am going to back up my computer right now and I am getting Windows 7. So I can run xp with Win 7?

yes you can run xp with windows 7,

Sweet. Well I am about to upgrade to windows 7 so wish me luck my ;). I’ll report back if everything goes well.