My New Computer :)

good luck, but remember to do the full install not the upgrade. with the full install it save the old windows to back up to as a seperate version. with the upgrade it alters you surrent version so there’s nothing to back up to.

DO A FULL INSTALL NOT AN UPGRADE it will give you the option

Hello Kain Aldar…
I completely agree with you because i also think its a perfect computer in a low prize. I have visited the link and get more information about it.

So it turns out that after getting Windows 7 and everything that my CPU does not support Intel Virtualization therefore I cannot run XP Mode with Windows 7. So will I still be able to play games and work on Blender and what not?

Windows 7 was a let down. Mainly because my computer doesn’t support Intel Virtualization, so I couldn’t run XP Mode and then it turned out that it wouldn’t let me roll back to Vista even though I created an image and a restore point, so I had to reformat my entire computer and everything was lost. Oh well. At least all of the problems in my computer are fixed now and blender runs better and now I have the 32 bit version which allows me to use yafaray so I guess getting windows 7 could possibly be the best thing that has happened to me.

I got my wireless mouse and keyboard in from newegg and they are both fantastic. :slight_smile: Very nice. I am loving them.

My case is also amazing. There is one problem though. It came and it was a little broken. Just one of the lights on the front. It was the top right one. The case will still be just fine without it but that was the only problem. I’m just hoping that newegg didn’t ship it that way. If they did. Shame on them. If not, shame on the UPS. Anyway, newegg delivers. I am about to update my wish list wiht a new motherboard, processor, and video card so check it out in about an hour or so.


Now I need help and fast. I need a high end computer for Blender Modeling and Animation and they want me to spec it out today. I am on a Windows system. I do have a bad incompatibility with my ATI card and definitely would not consider on after the past performance. I may also work with 3D Studio Max in the future, so the specs need to pass mutual program compatibility. I have worked with some seriously large file sizes that have slowed down to the point that I have turned off all save functions - something that I really didn’t want to do. But I have not designed a system before and I have been asked for specs today!

You can dual boot if you would rather have both OSs. You just have to make separate partitions and install from oldest to newest.

If it’s PCIE I would suggest a NVIDIA 9000 series.
4 gigs of ram is kind of a standard.
If you have a decent processor you should be O.K…

Kain Aldar, your configuration is very good, I’d even recommend it to all, but instead of that ati card, you should have bought a Nvidia graphics card. Why? because it’s way better, cheaper, no 3d problems in either a game or a 3d editor. Try to get rid of your ati and get yourself an Asus EN Gtx 260 :D;). You’ll thank me(and yourself, of course :P)…


Here is where I am so far with the design. Any comments on selection and backup selection would be great.

Intel Xeon X5560 2.8 GHz (8MB L3 Cache) OR AMD Athlon 5200 2.75 GHz
Your suggestion: NVIDIA 9600 GT OR (christiani’s) NVIDIA GTX 260
4.0 GB RAM - 2 GB minimum
2 side by side 24" monitors - have one of these now and can get another - link (
Some tower to meet the physical requirements - will I need a cooling fan?

These are my thoughts so far. These may get budgeted down, so I need to know what I should minimally find acceptable for a very good setup if they reject the wish list. Kain’s setup seems great, but I’m on the modeling, rendering, animation side rather than gaming.

what about Intel Xeon X5560 2.8 GHz

or for a build
Intel Xeon X5560 or AMD Athlon 5200 2.75 GHz