My new gallery system

Hey all,
I just changed my webhost. I had bandwidth breakdown twice a week so that had to be done :slight_smile:
As my new host allows php, I designed a gallery system using php and mysql technologies. Would you take the time to pass by and try it. Not only the gallery, the whole site need to be tested.
link to my gallery
link to my site

One issue that I see, and that is very annoying is that “This site was designed by Igor Sandman - © all rights reserved 2004” is overlapping the images all the time :-?

edit: Tried with IE and then it worked like it should. But your website has some problems with Firefox.

Thanks. Alltaken already pointed that out to me, but I don’t know what to do with it. It seems it’s not compatible with mozilla indeed. :frowning:
Can anyone see that site working properly:
That’s the older version without php and mysql. If it works then the problem comes from php or mysql if not I think it can be a javascript issue.
Thanks for your help. If anyone know how to fix that, please let me know.

I use Mozilla and with both web pages I see a grey bar going through the image with “please leave a message in the guestbook” writen on it.

same thing with firefox. it seems that the thing is fixed at a certiant height.

Hey Igor, I also use Firefox and found numerous problems with the site. First of all, the rollover image on the splash page doesn’t preload, so when you move the cursor over one of the buttons, the middle picture dissapears and the effect is kind of disorienting. And you have to leave the cursor there for a while to let it load.

Secondly, the text is WAAAY too small and I have to increase it by 2X to make it readable. 12px is a good size for text, although it can’t be resized by the browser.

edit: sorry, if you read what used to be here, it was to do with the window size of your old site. :expressionless:

Also, in the CGI gallery, there’s a gray bar that appears RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE IMAGE that says “Leave me a message by signing my guestbook”. Here’s what it looks like

They’re all the problems I can find for now, but apart from them it’s actually a very well designed site and relatively easy to use.

I suggest you download Firefox and try it out.

p.s. Sorry if I was too harsh, I said those comments with the best intentions :wink:

Wiggie, you’re giving me crits on the older version of my website…
Anyways. thanks for your help.

Yeah, I got mixed up, my appologies. I edited my post and took out the irrelevant point.

But my other points still stand for your new site as well, including the gray bar over the images. :wink:

The “thumbnail bar” has a vertical scroll bar on the right in IE. Not nessecary and not pretty. I’d get rid of that.

I might consider also to not have a horizontal scroll bar in the thumbnail menu. For now it’s nice, but in case you put a lot more images in there it may get annoying and the load time could become huge. If you really expand it may be preferable to have just a line of say 10 pics and “next” n “previous” links to get to more thumbnails.

Personally I’d make the “igor sandman” logo a bit smaller… it’s quite bulky now.

good design though! :wink:

Very professional, but one thing that bothers me is when I mouse over this once button that leads to some galleries a picture appears for a split second and disappears, not major but someone could get a headache from that.