My new gallery...

Just like an archive for all my stuff that was practice or something finished. How does it look?

Alo if you could put in some comments for things it would be very appreciated, i like to get feedback on my stuff =D

Nice gallery, man. Really like the multi-pass texturing work.

thanx a lot harkyman =D

Cool stuff, and well organized too :slight_smile:


nicely organized,well done renders!!


total crap.

Just kidding, that’s some awesome work you got there.

Looks damn good. Better then my stuff for sure.

wow thanx for the encouragment, i have a wave of inspiration now =D

:x Damn it!! I hate you!!! theres…oh no wait, this is the wrong topic.

awesome work dude :slight_smile:

Yeah man, as I said on your site, you have seriously gotta write a tute on how you did that column of fire and smoke… it’s the best!

Blend on!


Man…dude…thats aweful, get a new hobby before you kill somebody.

Haha, just kiddin’. :stuck_out_tongue:
Great stuff, but you already know my thoughts on all your work. :smiley:


cries with emotional happiness

“They have accepted me into their community. I-I-I feel…so honered” cries again :wink:

waddaya mean we accepted you in our community? You are like a Blender guru or something…maaan…wish I could model like you! Actually, I lack imagination!

Anyway, how long did you say you used Blender? I’d like to take some lessons, or at least some tutorials…

And i’d like your opinion on my first work, it’s in a post called “old dusty room”.

I pick number 1.

JK, those kicks major ass compared to anyother program.