My New Game Project

After thinking and planning it for a very long time (while supposedly working) I have decided to take the plunge and start my very own game. The only problem is I actually don’t have a clue exactly what I’m doing (just being honest). So I’m appealing to the community for some help. The game is a FPS, a cartoon style. The basics are: aliens have invaded earth, and you are a mercenary hired by the Universal Peace Keeping Force (UPKF) to carry out tasks like blowing bad dude aliens up as well as recon ect. The thing is, the aliens are only about 20cm high (not a clue how many inches that is) so you got to shrink to the right height. Now the battlefield takes place in familiar settings (for me it’s my home as well as work). Basically I’m thinking flying saucer game, as well as infantry game. Here’s the first thing I need help with; what is better for fast running of the game, UV mapping, texture painting or any other? Also, if someone out there on planet earth has the time, can I post a blend of something up then someone can do it for me (like a piece of furniture or something I modeled) then I can just ‘reverse’ it and figure it out? Peace to all earthlings, over and out.

start out to try to make this game of urs as a 2d run&jump… it´s much easier, and would fit for a newbie…
Even if this is a 3d-modelling-application, it´s still easier to make it 2d, and u still learn alot of the logic-bricks/python-scriptning u need to make the game interactive and make things work.
There is plenty of tutorials around here, on this site, and
Good Luck

Good luck with your game :slight_smile:
If you want to get off to a good start check out Social’s tutotial on organizing a game project. (sorry I don’t have the link, but it is fairly easy to find)

You should always start out super simple, follow tutorials, and move your way up, quickly. Don’t take it too relaxed, or else you’ll loose interest.

Thanks to all earthlings who’ve replied. I personally think the best way to learn is by doing. I think my modeling skills aren’t to bad, and with keeping it simple (I hope) with the toon style, I’m hoping to learn as I go along (the whole small steps thing!). I’ve modeled about 60% of the scene as well as items to go into the scene. I’m just a bit worried that I’m modeling everything wrong so want to try adding material/color/shading to existing models to see. The game itself I plan to build almost like a block system, as my skills improve so I’ll improve the game here and there. Maybe if someone can steer me towards a tutorial for ‘toon’ style shading for BGE? Or if you an expert yourself, some advice would be cool (I’m going for the ‘batttlefield hero’ look, but for smaller worlds. If it helps I’l post pics of the scenes I’ve done so far, as well as models.

This is just quick and dirty pic of the first room.


Looks Good, very good object placement. I like the use of AO too.


oh yeah thats amazing!!

Thanks. It’s modeled (mostly) on the shop I work at (I use Blender to design furniture). I’ve tried to go for accuracy, the room size is accurate, and the bits and pieces of furniture pretty much as is. I got loads more furniture modeled that needs to go in, as well as the normal decor stuff. I just need someone to point me towards a ‘toon shading for dummies’.

Awesome, u are a less nub than I thinked u was. ( Crappy grammar, I know)

i would say go by each cube after your sized the world by cubes haha on the grid mate, ummm ayeah good luck yay!

If you can make interiors that well, I would stay away from toon style and go for realism. Toon environments usually rely heavily on texturing and not necessarily good modeling.

Just a thought. :eyebrowlift2:

oh this reminds me of that 2d-3d game XIII or something it was great haha!

hey, first of all, nice room

and secondly id be interested in helping out and i agree with DL007 that you should go for a more realistic look rather then a toon look.

The only reason that I thought about going he toon route, was in order to keep the models low poly, as I understand it; low poly = faster gaming? I thought that the toon route would mean less attention on the ‘modeling’ and more on game play and movement and AI. Maybe realism would be better, going to have to give it some thought. Initially I was going to keep this project quietly to myself, then launch it with a flurry of ‘Hollywood’ excitement here, it appears I was wrong and am going to definitely need all the help I can get. Perhaps I’ll write up a story board thingy and create a project. In the meantime, here’s another pic purely to attract more positive comments to make me think I’m oh so clever (lol).


Wow amazing update. How is your people going to move in there? :stuck_out_tongue:

The second pic just proves my point. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
You don’t need to have very high poly to be realistic, with proper use of normal maps (and now specular maps too) you can model low poly and have a fast running, realistic looking game.

Thank you all for the comments!

DL007: you convinced me! I’m going to definitely give it a bash, and since it’s your fault, I’m gonna expect loads of honest crit’s and help:D

Jesusfrk14: the protagonists are only 20cm high (or there about)

Andrew11: Dude, any and all help will be welcomed in for coffee and sticky buns!

I’m going to take a day or tho to get everything down on paper, then launch it here (watch this space y’all), a new project, the greatest project in the history of Blendering’ers!!

In the meantime, just 2 quick updates. The next after this will be material/shading test runs. Until then Amigo’s, keep tuned…


Amazing :d

so the people are small lol?

Yep, very small. Basically the goes like this; aliens (short ones) attempt to take over the planet, and as a mercenary for the Intergalactic UN, you got to prevent take take-over. That’s it in a nutshell. I just like the idea of flying around indoors on a small scale (like those tiny RC helicopters). That’s the basics. I’m busy now UV Mapping, hoping to have some new pics up by tomorrow.