My new "glitchy" song experiment

Hey what’s up guys !
I just make a new song. I used the ilformed glitch plugin for that, because i think it’s very cool. I was trying to make a song like the glitch mob, which is a great band for me :slight_smile:

But anyway, maybe you’ll think it’s a weird song, but there it is :

Any suggestions ? :slight_smile:

It’s actually very enjoyable to listen to, nice music! I tried making music with LMMS and I quickly found out that’s one thing I’m awful at, so no suggestions from me, XD.

I like this. It has a logical beginning, middle and end. Personally I think I would find the progression more compelling if the idea introduced at 2:04 was introduced over the proceeding two minutes in occasional fragments of increasing length starting with one or two notes so that by 2:04 it feels like something that has finally pulled itself together out of the slower darkness that is the beginning.

Thanks a lot for your suggestions !
Any other feedbacks ?