My new hobby: Photography

Heres my second picture Ive developed.
I do this in my class at school.
I think I have a talent for it.
Here it is.
Please comment truthfully!!

The white part at bottom is scanner’s fault.

ooh looks cool, once I get my camera phone for christmas I might try out this hobby too.

nicely done for a second photo (I wish I knew how to develop photos)
The image seems overall very neutral, towards the dark side. You have a good black but no strong white in the picture (unless it was very late/cloudy the sky would be totally white) This maybe caused by a bad scan (most likely), bad exposure on developing, or simply underexposure on the camera (bracket, bracket, bracket!)
edit: is that a scratch on the negative (on the tree trunk down center), else check that your uv filter is clean and scratch free
hope to see more quality photography :smiley:

Those problems are due to all scanner screw ups. I have a bad scanner.

Got to love Black and White photos, everything looks cool in Black and White. Boy I miss the dark room, that was a blast.

GrYpHoN, don’t you just love unloading the film in total darkness? That gives sense of touch a whole new meaning huh?

Actually MRX we unload the film in a huge double zippered bag.
Ill be posting another photo ASAP. Prob tommorow morning.

Ok heres another one. Its of a hall in my school.
I hope you like it.

Heres LARGE version.

Are you working with an SLR? I just love the depth of field you can get with decent lenses. You might want to experiment (e.g., with the hall picture) with changing the aperture. I can’t say too much, though, 'cause I’m not a great photographer myself! :wink: Good work, especially with the contrast.

You need a clearer focus and a lower aperture setting. I’d advise getting a tripod and spending more time in the darkroom. Are you familiar with burning and dodging?

Burning and dodging…heard of but havent used in class yet.
I only just finished my photo one course at my high school.
I got a brand spanking new Canon EOS Rebel XSn Date SLR camera for christmas along with a tripod.

Both of the pictures are in focus on the real pictures but I have a ghetto scanner.
(is there any way to scan in negatives btw with a standard scanner?)

Heres the camera.
And heres the specs

Ive really only started this hobby about 10 weeks ago and hope to take it further.