My new homepage at 99%

here you can find my new homepage (99% done)
I used Photoshop for all, and I use my Blender artwork to backgrounds, etc.

Really nice endi. Do you have an English version?


sorry, no english version, because this is a very simple homepage, I think, everybody will understand or simple clicks all menu

thats really cool endi :o keep up the nice work :smiley:

looks nice though I think you’d be better off loading the background as a single image in stead of cutting it into tiny pieces like now.


it looks nice [I’d make the text a bit brighter though], but I don’t see how you could ever stand to maintain that

also, if it weren’t a personal web page, not having any real text on it would be a major evil

… you can do a lot with css, and alpha transparent pngs [stupid IE:Windoze] to get a similar effect though

[you reminded me of the websites I need to resume work on]

wow all of endi’s works consintrated to one page… I’m gettin’ dizzy :smiley:

At last a decent gallery from one of my favourite blender heads. I’m glad you used that specific picture for the homepage. I love it.
Keep it up.

Endi I noticed a mistake. When I click on the snails picture in your gallery, the picture that shows is your gate.

Too bad there’s not an english version, I can’t really do a good job navigating sites in those kinds of languages.

A félelemlények linkje a kapura mutat :slight_smile: És levágattad a hajad? Minek?

All your magnificent work on one website - beautiful!

That pic with needles going into green guy thats the pic that “decided me” to download blender.

Yay! Neil Young and Dire Straits! (Click on the smiley face)

I’m in awe :o Sweet stuff!

I have to be honest, your artwork is tops, but your html isn’t. It takes so long for each page to load because you’ve used images for everything including the text.

It would be a lot better if you typed all the text in html as it would decrease some load times and be easier to read. Of course, the background image itself takes a while to load as well, but you could still save some time by using html to type the text.

I used cable internet to view your site just then, but just imagine how long it would take on a 56k modem.

thanks for the answers

sorry, I can’t make html pages, I can make web pages only with Photoshop