My new journey with custom, hand-made oil paintings

Hi everyone, this is Emily, I`m a new member at

Im an oil-painting lover and Artist Entrepreneur. Like most of you here, I have a dream to bring the art to everyones life. I hope to make art become part of everyones life. With that mission, I just launched my new website []( Ive been working to develop the concept, build up this platform, and select paintings for almost a year.

On my website, I offer custom, hand-made oil-paintings, and all painting will be well-framed. All these paintings are selected by myself (I`ve been working in art industry for 20+ years) and hope you like the listed art works.

Additionally, I believe we can also use art to record any beautiful thing we have, such as images of your beloved family members, images of your important life moments (such as your children’s graduation), and images of your lovely pets.

This is my first startup, I eager to learn any advice/feedback from you! Thank you!

My Website