My new Mazda Millenia ...
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Mazda Millenia Xedos … I get the blueprint from Rendered using Blender Internal Renderer by me for a minutes. Modeled by me using wonderful 3D software, Blender3D 2.45 ( just now released ). Sorry for poor quality of background because it taken by my brother ( geekhead ) ( :smiley: ) at Pengkalan Chepa, Kelantan, Malaysia near to Airport. I am very satisfied on it … The materials of car get from I think, this is the most realistic car i have render in my life :smiley: Doing post-work on The Gimp on Ubuntu Linux 7.04 to make it look something like noise … It taken around 8 hours to finish it !!! I am so tired …

I hope i can buy this wonderful car when i grow up :smiley:
I get support from my cousin, Abdul Hadi along doing this deviantion,

The registeration plate number is belong to my generous science teacher … :smiley: Just for fun … :stuck_out_tongue:

I bet you are already getting hand jobs from women you never met before!
Salute to your new car :smiley:

Nice model and very nice composition BUT the scene could use some more work:

  1. Daytime running lights on the car should be on (but maybe in Malaysia its not a rule).
  2. It shouldn’t be pointing in that direction. Should be facing the viewer. I know you want to show off you model but that seems like its heading for an accident!
  3. Motion blur the wheels because the car next to it is also in motion OR put your car in front of the parked SUV.
  4. Assuming you didn’t model the interior, use a better material to reflect the environment and make the windows and windshield look tinted.

Overall, I really like this. 4 stars from me :slight_smile:

Captain Safety hey :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice work, I was wondering, ‘hang on, where’s the cg?’ at first glance. You’ve managed to fit the car quite well into the image, although its angle and shadow falloff is what gives it away that is has been superimposed. The grainy photo helps it fitting into the pic.

Good work.

Thank you …

I forgot about blur :smiley: !!!
for the light … i don’ t know too much about the rules in Malaysia because i am not a driver and i am still 12 years old teen :smiley:

It’s “eh” not “hey” in our safe little nook of the world known as Canadia :evilgrin:

That explains why the car is at that weird angle.

it’s going to enter the road …

I found this a funny image actually, if i saw someone driving like this in real life it would take me no time to yell abuse through my helmet.

Nice effort.

The car also looks a tad too big compared to the one besides it.
Very good though!

yeah u might want to make it smaller

oh … i dont realize it :smiley: