my new meshes don't look right in a project. please take a look

Hi, I’m new to 3D and decided to learn Blender. As every software for a beginner things tend to look difficult but blender seems to be flexible to finding many ways to do the same thing.

However I’ve been trying to create a NEW mesh cube in the current practice project but the cube doesn’t look right. It looks like as if its half has “Limit selection to visible” enabled while the other half isn’t.

Here are 2 cubes in user perspective, solid viewport shading edit mode, and limit selection to visible is enabled in the left cube.

If i use user ortho then cube looks right and if i create it in a new project then it looks right as well. But why does every cube I create in my current project look like that? Same problem if I create a new mesh cone and a new mesh monkey.

Maybe it’s a feature in blender I accidentally enabled?

Looks like you have reduced the 3d view clip start value from the default value of 0.1.


indeed! thanks.
i accidentally have reduced the start value of Clip in the 3d view window. i default it to 0.1 and problem solved.

maybe newbies can too benefit if they face such a thing. by the way i found out now that reducing the 3d view clip start value has a small benefit when using the subdivision surface modifier, but i don’t know at this stage yet if changing this clip value has an effect on final render or not.