My new message board.

I made a dumbish message board today ( Tell me what you think about it.

Yes, I know, it’s kind of stupid.

EDIT: Please, ignore what I have said above. I like my board (it’s the first site I’ve had). I would be very happy if you registered.


I’m not even going to look, it’s clearly dumb.

Yes, I know (well, it’s not really dumb, I was exagerrating).


[email protected] i dont think this is spam. Elysiun probably started out the same way.
Good work R2Blend.
Ill sign up later for the forum and post some old fashioned spam in the “Spam here” topic.

Ok. Do that.



I agree with [og]GrYpHoN on this.

Who said anything about spamming! :stuck_out_tongue: lol

Although, r2’s record has been a little sketchy. No offense.

[email protected] i have good eyes so i can read the small font lol.
I think we should all flood your forum and call it the Spam version of elysiun that would be kewl.
We could all post really crappy or ok pieces of work there and just have fun.

I can ban you…

Just a joke man calm down hehe.
It is just a poke at your ALL SPAM HERE topic.

Yeah, I know, I was having fun.

Yes. Please use THAT to post spam.

Ok 'bye everybody, I am going swimming (it’s 100 degrees Ferinheight here).

This forum isn’t your personal blog you know…


I just said that so people would not expect me to answer questions within the current 2 hours.

they never should, elysiun is too quiet
[some people expect a response in 10 minutes…]

This forum isn’t your personal blog you know…

with the exception that elysiun could be a blog of blender activities? [assuming you spoke whole sentences, posted in correct forums, didn’t flame excessively… followed the rules]

… I actually don’t really care your response [not that I don’t want to hear it], I’m just one to make exceptions to things

Could someone register please?

I’m probably only kidding myself, noone is going to.

No, no one is going to, because you yourself admit it is a dumb forum.

There is no attraction for it, no purpose that can’t be much better served here (besides spamming) and I think you probably just want to be a moderator. Good luck with that.

This reminds me of times when I’ve heard bands finish their set on stage and tell the audience, “Um, we have some CDs, over there. If you want to buy them, which you probably don’t, because we suck, you can. You probably don’t want to waste your money on us but you can if you want to. Good night.”

I’ve never bought a CD from someone who doesn’t even have the confidence to say it’s worth it. Why would I join your forum?

Because I have no friends at all, and I am lonelyish. Also, I just thought it was kind of cool. Could you also not be so mean?

EDIT: I understand what you mean, though.


I think to many people are worried about spamming. What you may consider spam may be something important to the next person. I don’t think anyone has the right to say something is spam unless its completly pointless and has no meaning.

This is an off-topic forum.

I edited my starting post. I would like it if you could register, people. You don’t have to, but I would like you to.

Best wishes,