My new music creation :

Hi !
I made a new song,
Any feedbacks ? Suggestions are welcome :wink:
Thanks a lot !
(And do you know a proper forum designed for “music focused critcque” ? Thanks )

At 0:33 → 0:41 you introduce elements of a melodic line later
developed at 1:06 →1:29. Arbitrarily call this idea, A. It seems
a structural feature of this work that A evokes a complementary idea
expressed in a vocal line, call that B. B is highly expressive,
urgent. Most everything else including A is dry and relatively
un-modulated and un-sculpted. It doesn’t breath, most of it
marches…at speed (though not A). I think this contrast gives this
work real vitality. But, (what’s left of) my ear wants to hear A
breath dramatically, soaringly. I want it to make the hairs on my
arm stand up. But, perhaps that’s my problem.

Though this is not a genre I am familiar with the composition
itself seems quite good.

Finally, tinnitus now covers much of what goes on above 6KHz so feel free
to disregard anything I say.

man that’s badass! I really like it. What did you use to make that?

Thanks a lot for your feedbacks, there are highly appreciated and very helpful for me.
BrentNewton : I use Fl studio 11 as a DAW and some of the Computer music magazine plugins (vst)

Well you created a very fun track. I’ve played around with Magix Music Maker in the past. I have a friend on facebook that does what you do and he lol’d at me when I told him that. He said that is old software or something. I realized I’m just not musically inclined. My father was a brilliant pianist so I was kinda hoping it would be in my genes, but sadly not. Google “Blender sound baking” I think you might be interested in that. Not hard to do at all. If you are interested in it and have difficulties, just post in the forums your questions and I’m always here to help. I’ve gotten pretty good at it.