My new picture...

(MarMo) #1

(BgDM) #2

I like it. Very stylistic and a good mood.

The skin texture is very good. There is some streching over the brow, but not too bad.


(snailrose) #3

That’s freaking cool
The ears could use a lot more definition
and the lips could be worked on a little more
Very dark… 8)
Great work


(ndnchief) #4

Did you use the python script for the head, or is it all yours? Really cool looking. I like the black and white format!!!
NDNChief, Forum Regular>>>>>>

(MarMo) #5

I used script for first basic head, but this is modified by lattice…

(Monzta) #6

Is it a self-portrait??? (Joke) it is very cool.

(Bentagon) #7

could anyone give me that script??
I’d like to have it cause I wanna learn to model high-poly models better. Untill now I only made lowpoly stuff…

(MarMo) #8

But I used lowpoly model & subdivide, subsurf, bump texture, and lattice…

(blengine) #9

this is a great pic…has a great photo style touch to it…and the veins on the skin are awesome

have u ever tried head modeling without the script though??

(deks) #10

It would be much better if you didn’t model it in a toon-style. Anyway it is a great work! Keep up!

(MarMo) #11

Yes, but when I use modeling without the script, my work is not very good…

(Haunted-House) #12

That looks pretty good but, if you use that script you’re not gonna get any better at modeling

nice texture btw

(paradox) #13

Great style. I like the black and white style. The overall thing creates an
interesting mood or feel to the picture. Keep up the good work.


(kai_yak) #14

Very cool picture. How did you get the black and white look. By not putting colors or is there a black and white render option??


(CurtisS) #15

There is a Black and White render option-- the BW button in the Render buttons window. It renders in color on-screen but saves (F3) in black and white.

(valarking) #16

very chilling. :slight_smile: nice

(dickie) #17

totally excellent!
very well done and so much emotion!