My new Project

Hello everyone :slight_smile:
I have for a little while been working on a little game, here are some screenshots.

The game is based on a little town out in the forest where there livs dwarf-orc`s. I havent found out what more will happen, But it is like real life, the days goes, day-night.( it rayns sometimes, and the time goes from day, thil night :smiley: )

looks awesome j u were saveing the rain for last wernt you u little sneeky bugger :smiley:

Dwarf-orcs! What an idea! I love them, keep 'em coming! I like the looks of the day/night cycle and everything.

Coll stuff NOR.J, i like the enviroment design.

hey Nor.J those screens shows up really nice. I really like the day and night system idea. Keep working on it I really want to play a demo :stuck_out_tongue: I also know what you can with blender, so it will be prommesing :smiley:

ehhh its okay.


So it isent that bad?, Thanks doogs.It looks So much better with sounds. What can you expect of 1 man :wink:

I think i will relese a demo when i got the story right.
Thanks for the comments everyone

Wow, NOR.J!

Some of the screens are too dark, and there were at least two that just showed the moon. I also think that smoothing the terrain would be nice.

Can’t wait for a demo! I’m excited!

:o Looks pretty nice so far. Hmm, yeah, some of the screens are too dark. :stuck_out_tongue: You have like two shots of the moon which looks awesome by the way.

A dwark-orc. It’s a pretty strange looking creature, reminds me of a cyclops for some odd reason.

About the moon, will you also have different phases of it too? On one of the shots the moon didn’t look whole.

Jason Lin

lol, the reason it is dark is becaus it is night :wink: .
You are suposed to keep inside in the night, thats how the game is, it is dangerous in the night :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s looking great NOR.J. Very imaginative :smiley:

Thanks all for the coments :smiley: , il come up with a demo when i got Enuf stuff on it :smiley:

some of thows screens remind me about morrowind dunno weater it because I am obsess with morrowind atm or not :smiley: but very cool althow the orc dude looks abit dar did not get a good look at him :confused:

I have never played morrowind , seen some screenshots thought.
the views in the game are 1.persen or 3.person. (1.persen is just to view things)
Like a said, i will make a demo as soon as posible. :slight_smile: thanks again all :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks pretty good, though the face of the character looks a bit odd, and so does the modeling of it. The rocks definetly need a set smooth redo, but the enviornment looks pretty cool.


Thanks, lol the face of the character does look odd indeed lol, but it is from a real person, i just took half of the face and deleted some of the face som places, i will do that on all the characters. what is wrong with the modell?( be a little more specify about it) or forgett it, you can tell me more about that when a demo comes :slight_smile:

picture 2 and 6 were cool… but it seems like there is something missing… :-?

hmm, the game isent half done, so you will see Much more things when a demo comes out. :slight_smile: …