my new project

This is a thought i had while browsing the forums. I havenโ€™t spent much time on it, and the textures are just premilinary. Iโ€™m thinking maybe some lightning between the pillars for later

c&C welcom3
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OMG it is an image of a bunch of high voltage electrical insulators. Good so far though!

that reminds me of the matrix

does anyone know how to do good lightning effects? Iโ€™ve tried using particleds but they look really bad. does anyone have any other ideas.

to do electric beams, i use planes with a cloud or marble texture with a very high contrast. I apply the texture to the emit and alpha channels.

thanks, that seems like a good way to do it

This is a nice start. Is it a city scape, or an electrical apparatus? Either way perhaps they should be spaced out a little to help the composition (and also the insulation properties!). I like this sort of stuff (dark aliens / blade runner etc.)