My new puppy

Hey! I’ve got a new dog! Hurrah. She is a minirature short hair dachshund, and will have a dark red coat when fully grown. Her name is Winky. All C&C is appriciated. :wink: Also, on a side note, Sunday is my birthday. 18 at last. :slight_smile:

Very cute. My dog is a long hair Dachshund. Those guys can get pretty protective of their owners sometimes.


But Winky?? Don’t you know that’s what boys call their… y’know:

With those claws you best keep her away from your’s. :wink:

I guess it’s good that I live in the U.S. then :wink: :wink: :wink:

Cute, I don’t have that breed of dog but I do have a Beagle.

Kansas, I have a beagle as well. :slight_smile:

I don’t have a beagle.

That is a quality little puppy.

Proof that brown can look good.

Small little guy. I have a Basset Hound.


Good work on the puppy, you should animate it. But you need to improve the lightning on the hand, it looks like the paw of the puppy is floating. The wrist of the other hand doesn’t deform all that well also… :wink:

Wow, JamesK’s avatar got alive :o

Heh, when I read the subject I thought ‘this’ll definitely be some kind of spiffy new hardware’. Was wrong :stuck_out_tongue: … Although I suppose a dog is technically hardware. In any case it’s cute.

You find that many flaws in an actual photo and the way you see life will cause you wishing to live in a world of 3D images :wink:

Nothing makes you feel better than people telling you that you have deffective hands. In any case, I now have an excuse for making terrible Blender images. My hands are flawed beyond comprehension!

i used to have a hamster which ate all its own babies so i gave it away

Lol, wow really? that is one freaky hamster. aparently whales have two wombs each with 12 babies in yet only 2 get born becouse the others get eaten

You should have trained it to eat all babies. You should have also trained it to multiply when it gets wet and mutate into a hideous creature if it eats after midnight and then the mutated creatures manages to ruin Christmass and then a Chinesse guy takes it away from you but several years later when the Chinesse guy dies it somehow wanders its way into the building you are working in as a drafter gets wet and then eats after midnight and takes over your office building and then they drink some really strange chemicles with really obvious labels and then they mutate even more and all gain unique personalities and then you have to get all of the creatures into one room by tricking them into thinking it’s night and then you turn on a hose and electricute them with a creature that turned into electricty by drinking a funky chemical with a lightning bolt on the bottle and then everyone would cheer for you and grampa Munster would get his own news program and everyone would be happy. Then and only then could you have become an evil genius. If I were you I would feel really stupid right about now. Now you can never amount to anything. :-?

lol wow you put the film gremlims in perfect order of events that is somewhat remarkable


Gremlins? Never heard of it. I thought that was an original idea that I came up with all by myself. Just goes to show you, Hollywood is spying on us…

lol, my German Sheperd could eat that thing for a snack.