My new scenes...

That are my new two scenes I made, after beginning with 3D modelling and blender… The critics of my first post pushed me forward, to make some new stuff!

The bathroom scene is inspired by a post I read a few days ago… But I made it look “Silent Hill”-style :o The bar-scene is not really what I wanted it to be. But anyway I let you guys see this…

I hope you like it! Critics always wellcomeeeee… :evilgrin:


bathroom scene is very very well made, i like alot your material and textures.

in the bar scene otherwise I think the perspective is wrong and badly matches the pictures in the background.

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

I think the same way… I don´t like the bar scene as well. At the beginning a had an other target with this rendering. But anyway - wanted to let you see this… Maybe I can do it better next time.

Thanks for your compliment for the bathroom scene! :smiley: