My new shirt

so I was wearing my black wu shirt of invincibility today and some girl came up to me and started making out with me on 5th avenue in downtown nyc, mumbling something about how I’d “stood out in the crowd like a beacon of sexitude”. I was then nailed by a bus going 60 mph when the bus flew off my chest, did a double back-flip over the crowd and proceeded driving. I highly recommend the purchase to any and all of a super wu man black shirt of invincibility.


editor’s note: super wu man black shirt of invinibility may not actually bequeath invinicibility, unless you are cool.

You must swear never to use this new power for evil.

However, using it for promiscuity is perfectly acceptable- in fact, it is even encouraged.

I don’t need a shirt for that, it happens all the time for me!

lolz i was walking down 5th ave today and was thinking what all the trafic was for


Promiscuity is not evil??? WOW Just wait till I tell everyone back home!!


hahaha, i laughed so hard that everyone within 20 miles of the blast went deaf, haha!

you got to post a photo dude of you with the shirt, got to!

i hope the shirt is good quaity, haha, i mean of couse you will get the chicks with it, you could pretty much make a shirt out of a printed pictue of the wu and duck tape it to your chest and get chicks…

i just want to make sure the super wu-man clothing line is the best of the best…with my name and all how could it be anything less…silly me…haha…silly me!

if you want chicks like NerdRanger click here and buy…I SAID BUY!!

Can the zombies get shirts too? After all, you are our new leader.

Yeah, the thong has given me a major advantage in the sack.

Thanks super wu man!

imana buy my gf the thong lol

don’t you mean the thong has given your sack a major advantage? :wink:

He now wears to the right nor the left.
he wears both ways :]

He now wears to the right nor the left.
he wears both ways :]


After all, you are our new leader.

Lets not go there shall we?

oh god, what have i started? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, what have you started, Lua?

super wu-man no longer supports this thread…

the thong is not for men…it is for women…stop this before i anger…

we are running a art community here, not a community for thong wearing men…stop this before i anger…

yes the cotton fabric and slick design feel comfortable while sleeping or sking is besides the point…

i will not have the super wu-man clothing line be mocked…

the thongs are for the chicks…even though they can give men a sturdy support in the bean sack is besides the point…

the wu-man coperation was started to impress the ladies…even though the thong loosens the buttocks for easy dance movment is beisdes the freaking point…

dont mock the wu…dont mock the wu-wear…even though the one size fits all feature covers men from 50 pounds to 500 pounds (ask BgDM) lets not lose our heads…

wu has spoken and made his point…the thongs are for girls…even though the floss design has been proven to stop colon cancer we will no longer discuss…here…men wearing a super wu-man clothing line product © ™ (all copyrights reserved, floss action for girls, slick design while fun and comfortable is not ment for men, all violators will be put to sleep with a crushing lightning pimpslap that will be so powerful your head will explode into a billion peices, and you will be known as that poor f who thought it was fun to wear the wu-man thong)

sexist… you hate me just because i’m different. :smiley:

what’s about eunics though? it might be worth it…