My New Site

Hi all, Just announcing my new web site is up and running.
On the site there is Links to Blender, Python, Python Scripts, Other Useful OSS or Free Software, A Gallery or two(check out my ‘Fire n Ice’ Blender/Terragen/Gimp composite), A Pacman game, My first tute, some other fun stuff.
I have posted Links to most of the Script Authors sites (Repositories) that I used whilst updating the Wiki. There are over 50 links to 100’s of Scripts.(Authors Site Links)
If your site is not listed or if I have overlooked anything you can think of, let me know and I will update.
There’s lots of good information in the one place, so I hope someone can make good use of it.
The site is about 80% complete but fully functional.
There is lots more to come and I would gladly accept any suggestions towards improvement. Also I could Host some scripts if anyone needs.
I hope you like it.:slight_smile:

Thanks, Meta-Androcto

Just wanted to say, nice site, pretty useful. Good work.

Thanks free-ality,
I use it too now for information and links. Next week Materials & Blends go up.

Sounds good, ill check that out…