my new webpage (almost)

its been 2 months since it was last up within that time I’ve learn to use php. Just a few things I need to fix, like gallery,

also on a larger project i’ve been working on php and mysql the surfinfire redesign:

nither are done yet but getting close to!

Only a couple of critiques
running mozzila [email protected] … your main image is 2/3’s screen and on left side, is this intentional?
nice background image by the way, very cool.
My monitor maybe set a bit dark? but I’m having trouble making out the links ie news/gallery etc,
The gallery looks fine, maybe as you add content you might want to go 3 wide to avoid users having to scroll down to see all images.

Other than the above it’s looking good, nice style :slight_smile:

Just a little thing you could improve : when you click on an image, on the gallery, it opens in a new big window - Maybe you could try to resize the window depending on the size of the image ? And remove the address bar and all, to make it look like a popup.
I know it’s just a little detail, but it could make your website better imho. :slight_smile:

S/W was designed for 1024X786, firefox. I’ll just right up some javascript to detect resolution and readjust…

Crits for the surfinfire site…
Those link images on the left are IMPOSSIBLE to read. I seriously can’t make them out without looking closely.