My New Website (finally)

I finally found a new webhost, so instead of reuploading everything, I decided to start from scratch and redesign everything. I still have a lot of work to do and a lot of stuff to upload, but I have the basic form done. All the HTML was coded by hand for practice(which isn’t really saying much, cuz we all know how hard HTML is:) ). This website will be focused mainly on my best and favorite stuff, as opposed to the last one which had unbearably high loading times and was clumsy to navigate. So anyways, here’s the link. I’ll be uploading stuff constantly for the next day or so.

By the way, so far, is THE best free webhost I’ve ever seen. It offers 350 megs, with no ads, and they allow you to upload videos. It’s the best.

That’s incrdible. I paid a pretty pennie for mine, but lets face it, pennies (even pretty ones) are a dime a dozen. Wait a second…

But as far as layout/design your website is effective and pleasing to the internet eye. The content (images and so on) is great and I can’t wait to see what you upload.

But maybe if instead of a link called ‘info,’ you could lable it ‘home’ or something to that effect for people to land on. Other than that, good job.


hi there, your site looks good :slight_smile:
question about your host, do they support php and mysql? as i am planning on moving my 3d related site over to another host that has more quota!!

Looks nice. Maybe compress the menu images a wee bit more so they load faster?

Yep… looks like the start of something good to me. The 1 crit I have is that when you mention stuff that is linkable, you should try to link it. For instance, less blender and more blender. Apart from that, your good to go :wink:


I think it looks good except the title text. It just looks weird to me but if you like it keep it.

Nice job man supports php and mysql.
I’m not sure if the pages have ads, however. I signed up before they switch servers, and in the process was put on a paid membership level (though I don’t pay) so I don’t have ads.cj

Looks pretty good, except for the 3d title text… Just plain 3D text gets really old. Try creating more interesting letters or get a vector drawing program like inkscape.

Thanks for all the replies.

Alden and scabootssca - I may change that at somepoint, but I may not.

julesd-g6 - I was going to do that, especially with the word Blender, but I ended up forgetting. I’ll add the links.

ddwagnz - I’m pretty sure they do. I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure.