My new website is Wip, it will hosts for my Open source

Hope you like my new website at mospixel !

More info will come :slight_smile:

If you’re looking for feedback, you really should redo it in French or ask someone fluent in English to write the texts at your website. If you can afford professional guidance about that even better.

If you’re going to link your social media accounts at least be active with them.

I bet your work is amazing but you don’t look professional at all.

Is my text badly written ? I keep in English and what it should be to improve ? My website is looking good to you ?

I am professional at IT but not maybe in webmaster so I try to be good for all.

The spelling seems fine, but the word order and some of the words chosen do not make sense. We’ll break apart the opening line; “I CREATE UNIQUE EXPERIENCES IN OPEN SOURCE TOOLS AND SOME PROPRIETARY TOOL THAT GROW UTILITY AND TRANSFORM YOUR VITAL NEED OR YOUR WORK.”

You don’t create “in”, you create “using”. “And some proprietary tools” is information that doesn’t necessarily fit here. It’s an odd addendum to include in your opening statement. Let’s cut it. “Grow utility” is an odd-choice. “Enhance utility” flows better. “Transform” should be “transforms.” “Transforming Your Vital Needs” is another clumsy line, as you don’t really want to “transform the customers vital needs”, but serve their vital needs. Again, let’s cut this.

With these changes, the opening statement reads; “I Create Unique Experiences Using Open Source Tools That Enhance Utility And Transforms Your Work.”

Still a bit vague, but it reads better and doesn’t make odd promises.

Good luck with your work!

Depends on who are you trying to reach for. Employers? Customers? I don’t think so.

I am going to keep it in English. What should I do to improve it?

Is my website looking good to you? (This is a matter or preference but it is usually constructed this way)
Does my website look good to you?

I am an IT professional but maybe not a webmaster but I try to be good at both. (I am not really sure about the last part)

It might sound good to you but it does not.

Thank you for correction ! I think it is better.

Oh my god ! I admit I’m not strong in English…

If you smooth out some of the English using the Kiether suggestions you can also add a link for “English/French”, translation, this way potential clients will realize that they are interacting with a French language speaker, and not be startled away. Imagine if you needed something from a well written french site and in emails it was broken french, where it was obvious the guy was not french etc. Being French is awesome in america anyway, and it could be seen as a unnecessary deception in an already pretty tough field.

Kiether reads much better, and ‘enhance utility and transforms your work’ is not really what an english person would probably choose, but as a french statement it’s really maybe ‘looks’ fine. améliorer l’utilité et transforme votre travail

Again this is dependent upon professional level grammar corrections, and then in consideration of the initial contact with a client. I just imagine a shock if suddenly the client is suddenly communicating with a google translated french person :smiley:

Encore une fois, cela dépend des corrections de grammaire de niveau professionnel, puis de la prise de contact initiale avec un client. J’imagine juste un choc si soudainement le client communique avec un français traduit par Google: D

Si vous adoucissez une partie de l’anglais en utilisant les suggestions de Kiether, vous pouvez également ajouter un lien pour “anglais / français”, ce qui signifie que les clients potentiels se rendront compte qu’ils interagissent avec un locuteur de langue française sans être surpris. Imaginez si vous aviez besoin de quelque chose d’un site français bien écrit et que les courriels étaient cassés français, il était évident que le gars n’était pas français, etc. Etre français est génial en Amérique de toute façon, et cela pourrait être perçu comme une supercherie inutile terrain assez difficile

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But it is your website and you should make sure to make a good impression when someone visits it. If you can’t; you should ask for help or hire someone to do it.

You’re really the guy that created Natron and Yafray and these guys are faulting you for your language?? Un-fucking-believable!

Don’t worry about it, Laurent, just keep up the good work! :slight_smile: (If you want help with your English, I’ll happily correct the errors on your site, no payment required :slight_smile: )

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Thank you justwannapost for your help !

I sent you a pv message.

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I didn’t actually look at your page before I commented, I’ve used yafray pretty extensively in the 2.40’s, mainly I recognize the yafray guy with the airplane avatar sanjo or Alverez. I had a problem where a car dealership that I inquired to about animation exploded on me “This isn’t the first time we’ve lost money to a scammer!!” etc. so every little bit helps :smiley: