My new website: loads of 3D links

OK, this was going to happen anyway :wink:

I have re-launched my own website as a 3D oriented portal. I’m currently working on getting all my bookmarks online for everyone to use. There are still some categories that are empty but that will change over the next few days. So if you need textures, models or additional software like modellers or file conversion tools, go and have a look. The link is in my sig below.

I know it doesn’t look like anything yet, but for now I think content (= links) is more important. Later on I will probably add a download section, news section, guestbook, my own gallery, maybe some articles and what else I can think off.

I just added a whole load of links to 33 Open Source and/or Freeware Render Engines. Check it out here:

cool links.

nice website too.