My new website

it aint much, but it’s handcoded(almost all of it) in frontpage 2003 beta, and quanta plus.

hope you like: //-dittohead-//

Hmm, some odd behaviour in your gallery.html…

The mouse image at the bottom has a to the image, and does have the to end it. But for some reason the link is carrying over to the text

“More to come when i have the time to upload. :slight_smile:
all content on this page, and it’s links (and images) are copyright 2003 Nathan Allworth. Yahtzee, and it’s play sheet is copyright Milton Bradley Company.”

Even tho the </a> is before that text, is anyone else getting the same thing?

Other than that, i’d say pretty good start on your page, look forward to seeing more of your work and stuff when its finished… :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

I get the same problem with the link, but it’s because you’re missing the > on the mouse thumbnail graphic.

Also, you don’t need javascript to open windows in the gallery, and i wouldn’t reccomend it anyway, as a lot of people have JS popups turned off, or use a popup stopper to stop popup ads. A better way is

&lt;A HREF="..." TARGET="_blank"&gt;

That’s how it’s done on elYsiun.

yeah, but that is the only problem that i see with the site. well done!


Have I seen that Puma Mech before??? :wink:

Nice job ditto…

Good luck with your new web site… :smiley:


I like how simple and easy it is to navigate. Loads really quick, too.

Great job!

fising now, should be up in afew minutes, i also added a downloads page(not much there). and i’ll be adding my tutorials in the next few days.

thanks guys!!!

those things didn’t show up in mozilla BTW :wink: