My New Website

I finally got my new website up and running. It took almost… half an hour? :smiley:

Tell me what you think, and sign the guestbook. And keep in mind that it’s brand new.

Nice, clean layout. I like it.

Your introduction rambles a little bit after the part about your band.

Give pictures!

You’re missing a super-awesome web search bar*

It’s a little short. Needs more content.

*Like the one my site has… ;->

Yes, I know, but I haven’t uploaded the… COOL stuff yet… :smiley:

Edit: Um, your website is just a blender girl you made. No search bar I saw.

P.S. What style martial arts do you do? I’m a purple belt in Shotokan Karate, soon testing for brown.

Oh, crud. I’ve still got to change that link.

My site is at

[edit]If you want that search form feel free to cut and paste it out of my site’s source. Just don’t forget that small <script> section at the top naming the isButtonPressed variable. Or I can send you the specifics if you want…[/edit]

The Way of the Exploding Rust, ATM. :stuck_out_tongue: This semester I haven’t time to practice hardly at all… but I’ve studied primarily Shotokan styles. Currently I’m with Lingo Sensei in Nisei-Gojuryu Karatedo, but I’m a neophyte (no rank as yet). Before that in Utah I was preparing for green belt (white, green, brown, black) in Kishindo --an American style (recognized by the JKA [yes, I know the belt system is at odds with the norm, but Master Davis won’t have it any other way {and he’s right}]). I also study Iaido if I have time beyond that (so I’m a bit rusty there too). I don’t know where you are in the world but finding a teacher who isn’t flim-flamming about iaido is hard. There aren’t any here in NJ…

Thanks for the interest! You should put some martial art stuff on your pages. :smiley:

I looked at the page source, but I don’t really know much HTML, so you’d have to tell me what to take. I saw the google, wiki, etc. stuff but I didn’t know where it started and ended. :smiley:

A web page is divided into two general sections: head and body. The head is setup and information about the page. The body is what has your actual content. They are delineated by tags which are really just the keyword surrounded by < and >:

the head section

the body section

Place the following somewhere near the bottom of your head section.

  &lt;script type="text/javascript"&gt;
  // This variable is for use below with my awesome search form, which see.
  var isButtonPressed = false;

The placement of the search box is a little trickier… To help, see if you can format your webpage so that it has some text “hello world” or something where you would like to place the search box. Find it in the source (between the body tags) and replace “hello world” with the following (don’t worry about newlines or spaces)

    name     = "SearchForm"
    method   = "get"
    action   = ""
    onSubmit = "if (document.SearchForm.q.value == '') {
                  // If the search text is empty, then just go to the
                  // selected search engine's main site.
                  if (document.SearchForm.action.match( 'answers' ) != null)
                    document.location = ''
                  else if (document.SearchForm.action.match( 'wikipedia' ) != null)
                    document.location = ''
                  else if (document.SearchForm.action.match( '' ) != null)
                    document.location = ''
                    document.location = '';
                  isButtonPressed = false;
                  return false;

                } else {
                  // Otherwise, perform the appropriate search.
                  // Pressing ENTER will always do a normal Google search. 
                  if (!isButtonPressed)
                    document.SearchForm.action = '';
                  isButtonPressed = false;
                  return true;

      type      = "text"
      name      = "q"
      maxlength = "255"
      value     = ""
      style     = "width:600px"
      onFocus   = ";"&gt; 

    &lt;input type="hidden" name="afid" value="5052"&gt;
    &lt;input type="hidden" id="s3" name="s" value=""&gt;

    &lt;input type="hidden" id="searchInput" name="search" accesskey="f" value=""&gt;

    &lt;div style="margin: 5px 0px 5px 0px"&gt;
      type    = "submit"
      value   = "    Google    "
      onClick = "isButtonPressed            = true;
                 document.SearchForm.action = '';"&gt;
      type    = "submit"
      value   = "Google Images"
      onClick = "isButtonPressed            = true;
                 document.SearchForm.action = '';"&gt;
      type    = "submit"
      value   = ""
      onClick = "isButtonPressed             = true;
                 document.SearchForm.action  = '';
                 document.SearchForm.s.value = document.SearchForm.q.value;"&gt;
      type    = "submit"
      value   = "Wikipedia"
      name    = "go"
      class   = "searchButton"
      id      = "searchGoButton"
      onClick = "isButtonPressed                  = true;
                 document.SearchForm.action       = '';
        = document.SearchForm.q.value;"&gt;

  &lt;script type="text/javascript"&gt;  &lt;!--
    document.SearchForm.q.focus(); //--&gt;

This search box is cool because
[>] It autofocuses when you load the page (load and begin typing, just like Google does it)
[>] If focus ever leaves the box, and you click or tab back to it, it will automatically highlight the contents.
[>] Pressing ENTER will always do a plain Google search.
[>] Clicking one of the buttons without any text in the box takes you to the search engine’s main site [!] . For example, sometimes you just want to see the Wikipedia’s featured article. When the page loads, leave the box blank and click ‘Wikipedia’. Viola!

If you have other search engines to add follow the pattern
(1) Add a new <input> tag with type=“hidden”. Give it the correct name, etc.
(2) Add a new <input> tag with type=“submit”. Give it the correct name, class, etc. also. Make sure the onClick property gives the appropriate javascript to copy the value from the (visible) google input box to the input box you created in (1), and to set the action property to the appropriate URL.
(3) Add another if branch to the onSubmit method of the form at the top to take you to the main search site if the user just clicks the submit button without any text in the text box.

The hardest part is knowing what kinds of name, class, id, etc. are needed to add, but for everything else the existing code provides sufficient example.

Good luck!

That sounds like I could do it-- Now I just have to figure out how to edit the source on my site. :smiley: I use the easy website builder… :expressionless:

Gotta’ start somewhere.

Edit: I inserted that stuff, now I have to wait a week to see if it worked… Grrrr.

A week?!

Is that some weird constraint with freewebs?

Doncha just love em?
yeah, week unless you pay

You know, what I usually do is edit the page at home, then upload it only when I’m satisfied with it. It makes life easier, and in your case, bearable.

If you can, access your website’s html text and download it onto your hard drive. Name it anything you want so long as it ends in .htm or .html. Now start your web browser and open the file. You’ll see everything just fine (sans graphics unless you downloaded them too…)

Open the html file with your favorite plain text editor and hack away. Save and switch to the browser, hit ‘refresh’ and see what changes occurred.

Good luck.