My newest attempt at making a human head...UPDATED PIC

I have tried many times to make a human head, or heck any kind of head, each time to have them not come out right. Well I found a tut on a web site about making heads for animations, and thought I would try the methods. Long story short, I like the way this one looks so far. It has NO materials, No real lighting, and no textures, it’s just plain modeling. It has the seam in the middle because the sides are mirrored. Also it doesn’t have eyes yet. I have left the eye sockets open until I get the rest of the face and jaw finished. So here’s my image, be nice, I know I’m not that great. thanks


nice model. I always wanted to make one myself.

as far as the seam is concerned, removing the doubles should do the trick i think.

practice on…

I think it looks pretty good. Can you share the link to the tutorial you’ve been using?

It’s not a blender tutorial, (actually it’s not sofware specific at all) but it works as a good reference. It mainly deals with making a head from nurbs, and splines, but it has methods for extrude, and building polygon by polygon. Mine used a combination of all the methods. It’s full of idea’s and techniques on modeling faces.

dude, that is a really helpful tutorial.

thanks a lot for sharing it.

blend on…

That tutorial is great. Thanks for the link.

see tazy, no one said anything about the lighting :wink:

the head looks pretty good, it would perhaps be a good idea to weld the two halves together, but other than that, good modelling!

Ok, I know I said that the seam was there because it was mirrored, I didn’t intend to leave it there, but guess no one undestood what I meant by that. So here is an updated image. Did some work on getting the ‘wrinkles’ out around the nose, lips and chin. Also gave him some eye lids, I’m currently working on the eyes.

very nice tazy, it’s coming along very well. :smiley:

Ok fixed some more little details, and I finally added some eyes. Think I did better on the lighting too this time.

a definite improvement. you might want to make the lips protrude less and bring out the jawline and cheekbones a bit more.

That looks nice! i’m going to look at that tutorial.


Coming along fine, it seems. Good job so far. The eyelids need work, there should be some creases and stuff there. The nose is a bit too straight in my opinion. The mouth looks a bit odd, maybe make the lips slightly thinner and not as protruded.

Add a nice environment map to the eyes, that will make them look waaaay better.

Just some suggestions… You’re doing great.