My newest post EVER!

(dante) #1

Heres my first work in blender (at least that ill show to anyone;)) I wish i could take credit for all of the textures that I used, but I only made the bump maps for the outlet and the book pages, niether of which came out the way I had hoped. I also did the poster on the wall. I guess I’m pretty happy with the results, considering my texturing abilities are in the tank… Comments and Crits?

(pofo) #2

Nice :slight_smile:
Needs antialiasing bad, press OSA button in render buttons and te one that says 16 beneath it.
A couple more drawers would look good I think. And keep working on the textures, it’s the only way to get better :wink: (though I must admit textures is my weakest spot too)

  1. pofo

(bverlaan) #3

looks good,

I would try to improve some things, like:

trying to make the clock more 3d, looks a bit flat to me.

and make it look better with osa -> 16

that’s all what I can say :smiley: so it looks good though :wink:

(Zweistein) #4

your lighting is nicceeeee. Please hit the OSA button. then we can say more.

(banana_sock) #5

i won’t say anything about AA cos everyone else did. I love the lighting effect with the pale grey light and the desk lamp, looks very good. The side of the book looks a little wierd to me though, should there be a distinguishable line from the lighting?

(Detritus) #6

Me suggests that the cup would be scaled down a bit, to me it looks huge. Other than that, your pictures is great, especially the lightning!

(bmax) #7
  1. subsurf
  2. retexture chair
  3. improve clock
  4. get eeshlo’s lf export script
  5. render it in lightflow!!

(bmax) #8

i suppose all you other guys are getting sick of my “render it in lf” talk…and guess what, too bad. :stuck_out_tongue:

(MadMesh) #9

You should look at the relative scale between all of the objects. The book and the coffee cup are way to big when you compare them to the chair and the desk. Unless ofcourse you intended it to be that way.
Why is the texture of the deskdrawer grey, i think it would look better if you made it similar to the desktop.

All together not bad for a first try (or post), keep on Blendering.

(dante) #10

Thanks guys. I did a re-render with the OSA button checked and it looked better. I think that took care of the wierd looking bookpages too… I’ll do a re-render, possibly in light flow. In regard to the texture of the desk, I did make the bottom similar to the top but it looked REALLY wierd. I’ll rework it and post the update