My newest works. Background and a sword.

This image was made for a friends band. It doesnt really have anything to do with music, just something I made so I could practice using blender.

This is my most recent image. And my favorite image that I’ve made in blender so far.

To start off, you could lower the images size. :wink:

Nice stuff, work more on your lighting skills and keep blending. You can find some very good lighting tutorials at


The only thing I would say about the background is to tone down the chrome texture a little bit. To me it detracts a bit from the texture on the bluer metal, which is fantastic.

Thanks for the input, I’l be sure to do some lighting tutorials sometime. I basically just make random images if I have an idea for something. If I dont I try to find some fun/usefull tutorials. ^^

the lighting tutorial on elysiun is good in the blender2.34 guide thing… it’s on the homepage uhm I dun have a link atm but u should be able to find it
it has a bunch of realistic lighting techniques…