My next new project rate it

here is my next star wars related project finished today couldn’t get the saber script to work so i had to improvise with haloes and cubes, the beam looks like crap well anyways here it is tell me what you think good or bad (i didn’t use a tutorial this time)


Up date better beam


seems ok, but it lacks enough detail to be great. The shape is fine, but the details are mostly left out (switches, knobs, etc.)

Looks like a good starting point.

It looks like you’re going for a saber in the style of the original trilogy, in which case you’ll probably want to add details like a switch box (to turn it on) and a D ring so it can be hooked onto a belt (the D ring is usually found on the bottom of the saber, but on Vader’s it is positioned near the top, presumably so he can draw it faster).

Is this based on Obi Wan’s saber? If you want to replicate it completely, try checking out some reference pics (there’s a brass bit as well as the chrome, and you’ve got the blade coming out of the wrong end for it to be Obi’s :slight_smile: