My Night Mushroom Scene

I am playing around with a night scene involving glowing mushrooms. Can anyone help me to get the little mushrooms to cast light onto other objects, the ground they are on for instance. Their emit values are set to full. Yes, the scene is very basic I know but it is my first one…


Just stick an ordinary lamp there and use the Distance and Energy values to get the light you want.


Thanks Fligh, it worked. Still wish I could get the mushrooms to actually emit light…

Now. Can anyone tell me why the objects on the ground are not casting a shadow?


With an ordinary light on the default settings you can’t produce shadows. You have to use a spot light or use raytracing to get them. Nice start! Some textures would improve the scene a lot.

If you want glowing mushrooms don’t forget to crank up their emit values

With an ordinary light on the default settings you can’t produce shadows. You have to use a spot light or use raytracing to get them. Nice start! Some textures would improve the scene a lot.

4Daniel thanks for the response. How do I use raytracing? I put textures on the ground, the flower, the rocks… They don’t seem to be showing… Would raytracing make the textures appear?

Press Ray Shadow in the Lamp Buttons, and Ray in the Render Buttons. I don’t know about your textures tho.

4Daniel thanks, I got the shadows to appear. I have some more texture now too. I enabled Nor and Spec. I only had Col selected before…

Is there any good documentation on what all the texture bottuns do? Alot of the texture related material, in the documentation on the web site, says “to be written”…

My objective is to get into photorealism rendering revolving around people. For now I will be content just pasting people into my work… :wink:

What do you guys think? Hmm… Looking at it now I think the shadow of her head seems a bit funny. Maybe I should fade it out more…

Well it does seem to give a unique style with the girl photo in the cartoonish pic.

Documentation seems to have plenty of documentation on the textures to me… Or did you mean on the actual settings in the Texture Buttons? In that case, experimentation is the best thing. You could also see the releaselog for 2.33, it contains quite a bit of information on the newer textures:

The toonish style does actually look pretty nifty. I would make the “stalks” of the mushrooms have a different material and diferent textures than the “heads” though (not sure if those are the right terms). Oh yeah, and to have them actually emit light onto the surroundings, you would have to use Radiosity. But I think placing a lamp is much easier.

Your right DVirus it does cover more then I thought. I got to a point in the DOCS where it said “To be written” and quit…

I want to use radiosity to light the scene with a moon. This is what I got using the DOCS method(without the collect meshes and without subdividing).

This is what I got when I subdivided the meshes and added emit values to more objects.

This is lighting close to what I am looking for:

But I did not use radiosity for the above picture… Where are the shadows and textures when using radiosity? Why didn’t anything light the ground? I don’t get this method for lighting but I would really like to…

try rendering in yafray, your mushrooms should cast light without the need for extra lamps then too

OK, I installed YAFRAY, but when I render using it I get the following message in the CMD window:
Scene conversion done.
ERROR: Duplilist non_empty, but no srcobs

I tried several times but get the same message and no rendering…

Anyone know of a solution?

This is a current bug in the interface between Blender and Yafray.

If you have duplicated objects, try making duplis real: Select the parent object of your duplicated objects, and hit Ctrl+Shift+AKEY.

If you have parented objects, clear parent and keep transform on each.

(of course, save your changes to a new .blend)

It’s annoying and shouldn’t have to be done, but I think that you will be able to render your scene if you do it.

Well. Thats about what I was aiming for. It was a good learning experience at least. I learned YAFRAY seems to be a faster renderer but is not very compatible with Blender. I’m going to stay away from radiosity in Blender for awhile. You can do alot with lights and it takes alot less time to render. The radiosity seems to mess up textures and doesn’t seem to come out the way I expect it to.

Thanks all.